What is Converged Security? Top 5 advantages for business

In the past, security systems were independent. They performed a limited number of tasks: video surveillance and security of the object with an alarm system. 

But the need for greater capabilities was dictated by the market. This is how convergent security came into being. Let’s consider this term in more detail in the article. 

What is technological convergence? 

Convergence is a special combination of several technologies into one system to solve a set of problems. For example, you could group together: 

Even such an incomplete list of integrations can solve most of the problems of private businesses and the state. 

Top 5 benefits for business in 2022

Businesses have long benefited from the latest IT market solutions. Entrepreneurs have specific objectives for smart video surveillance: 

But monitoring is capable of many more tasks than it may seem at first glance. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits. 

Convenience and ease of use

Monthly business expenses are high, and not everyone wants to fit video surveillance maintenance costs into that list. Therefore, 1 benefit of convergence is an improved and simplified interface for managing the security system. 

You can interact with cameras, ACS, security sensors, and alarms from a single device. This saves time, eliminates the need to call specialists for assistance, and reduces risk. 

Growth in real savings and efficiency

Bulky security systems cause a number of difficulties in installation. Combining elements into one body makes it easier to add new devices with batch mode and automatically configurable parameters. 

This means that incorporating new equipment into a single system takes little time and can be done on your own without the help of specialists. 

Increased situational awareness

Combining video surveillance, analytics, and public address systems increases situational awareness of the site. Most importantly, violation notifications come online, and you don’t have to identify the moment in a large stream of video files manually. 

Scalability capabilities

As mentioned above, adding a new device to a federated system does not require any special knowledge or skill. This is an extremely important feature for businesses because it tends to evolve and scale. 

This way, the user will be able to expand their security platform without changing the underlying infrastructure of the system. 

Increased business revenue

Theft, financial fraud, and maintenance violations by staff all take a toll on an organization’s reputation and revenue. It is estimated that the lost revenue from poor employee performance is 60%. 

To avoid losing this money, security and alarm systems will motivate staff to work error-free and correctly. Read more about labor control in the article: “Beyond Good and Evil: Lack of Time Control”. 

Faceter video surveillance for business as part of converged security

Video surveillance is the base, the “eyes” of the entire converged security system. Nowadays 90% of businesses don’t just use cameras but also smart monitoring that analyzes what’s going on and sends notifications to the user about what’s going on. 

Faceter cam is a cloud-based video surveillance system capable of: 

  • Capture and record information to a cloud service. Only the owner has access to the storage by a special security code; 
  • analyze the data obtained according to the set parameters of the “norm”;
  • send alarm notifications to the user’s mobile application; 
  • broadcast what’s happening in the owner’s personal account 24/7 in real time; 
  • facial recognition; 
  • maintain “black” and “white” lists of visitors; 
  • automatically search for video footage where the algorithm has recorded a violation;
  • and other features, which you can learn about by following this link.

Faceter video surveillance is a complete solution that eliminates the need to buy additional sensors, unless it is required by the nature of the security plan. IP cameras of the required size and a single cell phone are sufficient for video surveillance, even in the largest production facilities. 

Instead of a conclusion 

Converged security or multitasking systems are extremely popular today. All well-known top applications are expanding their functionality, and video surveillance is no exception.  

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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