Video surveillance with recording. Price: low – budget or for 0 rubles from Faceter

Today it is difficult to imagine any commercial or public facility without video surveillance. The need for monitoring is relevant even for private individuals if you need control over households, and service personnel, as well as to avoid unpleasant situations and offenses.

Why do you need CCTV recording? Is it possible to install surveillance for 0 rubles? The questions will be discussed in the article.

Why do you need CCTV recording? 

CCTV cameras without recording lose a lot of their features. The only function of an online translator is performed. You should agree that in today’s reality it’s not enough. 

Almost every modern surveillance system has a recording function. After all, it can record incidents and important incidents, as well as help to sort out a controversial situation. 

Video surveillance systems with recording will be useful not only for individuals but also for use in: 

For how long CCTV recordings are stored

The question “for how long video surveillance tapes are stored?” can not be answered unequivocally. There is no definite time. The period depends on different factors: 

  • the technical capabilities of the system;
  • legal requirements;
  • the purpose of surveillance; 
  • the rules of control in the organization; 
  • the estimated time to obtain a permit for viewing the recording in case of an offense. 

The minimum period of video archive storage is 3-5 days. Usually, such devices are used for cameras at the entrances of residential buildings, in offices, warehouses, public places, and retail stores.

Kindergartens, high-risk facilities (railway stations, airports, bus stations, shopping malls), and educational organizations store the recordings for a period of nearly 30 days.

Best services

Several options can be used as services:  

  1. Video recorder. It not only stores recordings but also allows you to send a copy to a third-party medium and edit it.
  2. Video server. This device is designed to receive, playback, retransmit and store the signal. Its functionality is much wider than the recorder, as the server can process received images in the infrared spectrum, and telemetry data, as well as remotely manage the security system. 
  3. IP system. It does not need any extra equipment to work. The camera has a memory card on which the recording is stored.

However, the price of video surveillance with recording will be high, because in addition to the purchase you will also need to maintain the equipment. But is it possible to organize monitoring for free? 

Low – budget or for 0 rubles.

Faceter cloud video surveillance service does not require the purchase of additional equipment, so it is much cheaper.  The price of tariffs starts from 0 rubles and provides storage of records for 24 hours. 

This is not all of the “pluses”. Additionally, you get: 

  • a wide range of functionality. From the usual surveillance to the possibilities of artificial intelligence;
  • the function of the alarm that turns on when a violation is detected; 
  • the ability to monitor the work of staff in the office, stores, warehouses, etc. 

Simplicity and convenience of installation have made Faceter products popular for several years.

Analog camera and Faceter

Many video surveillance users habitually opt for analog equipment instead of studying modern technology and choosing a profitable option. Read more in the article: “Analogue video surveillance vs digital: 4 disadvantages”.

But what if you already have an active video system that needs to be upgraded to the latest version? It is possible to connect an analog camera with the cloud, but it is a very costly solution. 

And why merge something obsolete when Faceter service offers advanced video surveillance with intelligent analytics for 0 rubles?


Video archive storage is the main function of a cloud-based video surveillance system. Faceter offers not only to store data safely but to have access to it from anywhere in the world at any time.

The variety of video recording capabilities, financial and technical accessibility make the Faceter service the most attractive one among users. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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