What biometrics in transport is + mandatory certification

What biometrics in transport is + mandatory certification

Biometric technologies are gaining in popularity. Since the population density is increasing every year, we can assume that there will be new problems with ensuring safety in transport facilities in the future. This is why the issue of controlling urban infrastructure should be raised in 

What are biometric solutions in the transport sector?

For the most part, biometrics in transport identifies passenger traffic: it recognizes gender, age, and physical behavior and remembers violators. Biometrics in transport is aimed at identifying several people on the move at the same time. An ordinary “smart” camera may not be able to cope with this task.

Personality recognition is based on a “smart” system consisting of neural networks, machine vision, and artificial intelligence. Read more about video surveillance in transport here.

The necessity of the 21st century

Road safety in cities is one of the top priorities. But it is not enough to control the flow of cars; you need to know what is happening inside public transport.

It is necessary to control the behavior of a large mass of people since public transport worldwide is often exposed to terrorist threats.

Personality identification also helps solve less severe problems than terrorism. For example, it is a refusal to pay for travel, theft, aggressive behavior of people under alcohol or drugs. The technology can also assist in the investigation of incidents, improve the efficiency of fleet management, and more.


As discussed above, smart biometric cameras for vehicles are different from conventional surveillance devices. They have more stringent requirements:

  • the camera should be better protected from external influences;
  • the device should simultaneously personalize several people on the move and from different angles. But due to the lack of data for designing a system for monitoring equipment details, it becomes more difficult.


According to Decree No. 969 of September 26, 2016, all equipment used in transport to ensure security (video surveillance, access control systems, biometrics, alerts, etc.) must be certified. The list of mandatory certifications from the Russian government lists the requirements for each piece of equipment.

Biometrics-based video analytics

It is not enough to read a person’s biometric data. For more efficient work, it is necessary to analyze the data obtained. Video analytics helps with this.

This function is capable of:

These functions will help ensure the safe passage of the population and help in the development of the transport business in Russia. For example: “The Benefits of Biometrics for Business Security 2021“.


Video surveillance in transport is already a familiar thing for us. But as the population grows, conventional cameras will be upgraded to biometric readers. This will help to manage the transport business more efficiently and ensure the safety of people.

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