What do you need to connect Faceter? Equipment requirements

In times of rapid technological progress, it seems that all last year’s gadgets are already outdated. But what is about more expensive things, such as video surveillance? Not everyone can afford to buy new equipment every year. This article will calm you down and show you how to use budget Faceter.cam.

What is Faceter Video Surveillance?

Faceter video surveillance is cloud storage and monitoring with remote control. While analog surveillance users build expensive systems with video recorders, hard drives, power supplies, and other consumables, the owners of the “cloud” mount cameras or their smartphones (more: “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera”).

You don’t need to go anywhere to get data from the storage. Everything will be in your pocket, in the palm of your hand, in your monitor phone. And to get data from the archive, the owner needs to enter the code.

All information in the storage is reliably protected. While the vulnerability of IP cameras is being discussed on the network, Faceter suggests using webcams from a smartphone because such a solution excludes hacking:

  • monitoring works in messenger mode. Attackers will not be able to scan ports;
  • access to the camera is given only by a unique login, which no one knows except the owner;
  • video and audio data is encrypted.

In other words: a phone in video surveillance can be more reliable than webcams.

How to download Faceter?

To start using the service, you need to download Faceter to the phones:

Equipment requirements

The service has minimum phone requirements:

  • a camera for home surveillance (monitoring sick ones, children, nannies, pets, or other objects that are close to the device) must be at least 1.3 MP;
  • for remote control (for a car, a plot of land), you need a device with a resolution of 5 MP or more. Detailing is needed here;
  • operating system: iOS 10 and higher or Android (5.0 and higher);
  • basic performance: the phone should charge, not hang, connect to the Internet stably, and the camera should function without interruption.

If the mobile device meets the requirements, it can be used in monitoring.

Principle of operation

We will tell you how to connect to a CCTV camera via a phone. The algorithm consists of 4 steps:

  • Make sure your phone meets all the minimum requirements.
  • Download the application to your phone.
  • Place the smartphone in the viewing location.
  • Launch the application in camera and monitor mode on the respective devices.

Further, the service will work as a transmitter. The information from the cameras will be transmitted via the Internet to the cloud storage. From there, the owner can watch what is happening in real-time through the application.

Benefits for home and business

Faceter is applicable for both home and business tasks. This is down to the service’s extensive functionality, which can provide all the analytics capabilities.

In addition, there are six reasons why the service is suitable for basic or large-scale video surveillance:

  1. Phones are cheaper than IP cameras. The minimum hardware requirements can be met by any mid-range smartphone.
  2. The system does not depend on electricity, which means that the possibility of power outages is excluded.
  3. The phone automatically has a built-in Internet access module.
  4. As surveillance via a smartphone, a high level of security is less susceptible to hacking than webcams.
  5. The phone has geolocation functions. You will always know the exact location of the device while it is in motion.
  6. You can increase the battery capacity in your phone on a budget. For example, connect a solar panel or a power bank.

Let’s summarize 

An outdated smartphone can still serve as part of a video surveillance system from Faceter. The phone will save money and provide additional functionality and security in real-time. Install the application on your mobile and organize your budget monitoring today without buying unnecessary equipment.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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