How does video surveillance help fitness centre owners?

How does video surveillance help fitness centre owners?

The main requirements of the owners of fitness centres and sports clubs for the video surveillance system are reliability and efficiency. The best option for video monitoring in 2021 is the use of modern cloud services. Let’s talk in detail about the practical benefits of video surveillance for the fitness business.

The specifics of video surveillance in fitness centres

Based on the fact that sports centres are public organizations with free access, they need a particular video surveillance format:

  • for large organizations with 50 people/day or more, a continuous monitoring system is required with a mandatory storage period of 30 days. Read the article “6 Pros and 3 Cons of CCTV Cameras in Public Places“;
  • it is necessary to notify visitors about video surveillance (placing information plates on the territory of the fitness centre) and get the written consent of staff members;
  • it is recommended to use video monitoring equipment for outdoor surveillance of the surrounding area and entrances/exits. If the sports club has outdoor playgrounds or tennis courts at its disposal, then the equipment in these areas with video cameras is necessary for situational awareness and safety;
  • it is recommended to install cameras in the checkout area, reception and cafeteria to control monetary transactions;
  • in changing rooms, toilets, shower rooms, solariums, video surveillance is prohibited. It is also unacceptable to use spy equipment. A hidden camera in a fitness centre is prohibited. Details are here.

TOP 4 video surveillance goals for fitness business

In addition to receiving particular services, visitors to sports and fitness clubs rely on comfort and safety. Business representatives, accordingly, pursue economic goals: increasing customers, the prestige of the institution and profits.

Safety issues

Entrepreneurs are obliged to ensure:

  • physical safety of clients and employees from possible theft/robbery, unauthorized entry, fights and conflicts;
  • safety of one’s physical resources ​​(buildings/premises, equipment, sports equipment, consumables, funds);
  • security of visitors’ belongings in the locker and changing rooms.

Attendance control

Business requires presence, and only remote video surveillance via the Internet can freely control the situation and preserve a certain level of entrepreneurial freedom.

When installing the Faceter service, using a mobile phone, you can:

  • monitor the performance of official duties of employees;
  • detail their working hours;
  • monitor compliance with the regulations of the fitness centre (dress code, cleanliness, adherence to safety measures);
  • collect marketing information about visitors (number, gender, age);
  • control the work at the reception;
  • monitor the provision of unrecorded services and other facts of internal fraud;
  • receive push notifications about an event that has occurred;
  • optimize business processes.

Video surveillance for fitness is not a luxury but an industrial necessity.

Attracting new visitors

A fitness centre camera can act as a tool to drive traffic and build strong relationships with regular customers. Show how great it is in your club!

To achieve these goals, you can organize:

  • online broadcasts of open classes and masterclasses on the website, on the pages of the club’s social networks;
  • video stream of events to the website, business accounts, communities.

This approach allows you to increase coverage due to the openness of the Internet resource, where the client can get acquainted with the work of the fitness centre, its coaches, the format of work, the schedule, and the pricing policy.

Increase of prestige

The installation of cloud video surveillance characterizes the sports club as a public institution with a progressive security policy. A positive image allows you to detach yourself from competitors, attract new visitors and increase the trust of existing club members without additional promotional activities.

Is it free?

Yes, it is! If you choose the international cloud service Faceter, which is available for private users and business representatives.

Our advantages:

  • the ability to work with the use of mobile devices without a special purchase of video equipment. Details are in the article “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera“;
  • availability of a free mobile application for Android and iOS;
  • availability of a free “Basic” tariff for archive storage;
  • the presence of intelligent video analytics, which is the trend of 2021.


Video surveillance in sports (fitness) clubs is an industrial necessity. Get yourself an objective remote assistant who will guard your interests 24/7, 365 days a year. Even a few video cameras can bring tangible benefits to a fitness centre.

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Alexander Weber

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