4K and 8K camcorders. Why are they needed in the video analytics system?

Surveillance technology is evolving. More recently, video control was installed only for filming and recording what was happening. And today, one system can replace a person thanks to the analytics function.

But are all monitoring updates essential for the user? In this article, we will find out who needs high-definition CCTV cameras.

The new gold standard

More recently, HD resolution was considered the best. However, video monitoring systems are developing and improving. Now technologies have reached 4K and 8K.

It is an entirely new standard for the quality of outdoor high-definition CCTV cameras.

Determining the need for high-definition cameras

As we mentioned above, before buying a 4K or 8K camcorder, you need to determine whether such a resolution is essential. Since everything depends on the circumstances, a specific answer cannot be given.

For example, a higher resolution makes the image more detailed. But this is not so important if the system will function based on analytics. Low-res shooting is okay for it.

Not everyone needs 4K and 8K camcorders

An 8K or 4K video camera is not needed if the user installs the control system for the sake of analytics. For instance:

In cases where deep learning of artificial intelligence is required, the system independently reduces the resolution of the resulting image. Most basic video analytics functions do not require high-quality footage. Therefore, if you install the system for monitoring only, 4K or 8K resolution will be helpful. If video monitoring is used for analysis, high quality will be useless.


Why is analytics slowly infiltrating the regular surveillance systems of ordinary users? Because people are left with an outdated opinion that video analytics is expensive and complicated.

But technologies are developing, and today the Faceter service provides basic and advanced artificial intelligence to the masses at budget rates: from 0 to 4 USD per month.

Faceter is a cloud-based surveillance service that will always be there on your phone. To use, you need to install a mobile application on your smartphone and:

  • fix the device that will shoot and specify the “camera” mode in the service;
  • open the app on your phone to view the live footage 24/7.

Download the app:

Read more about connecting the service in our article: “What do you need to connect Faceter? Equipment requirements”.

Summing up

Camera developers will continue to improve their imaging technology. Of course, the video system is desirable with many pixels and picture detail. But do not run after the latest updates if the system does not need to upgrade.

High resolution is needed only for those who shoot through cameras and do not analyze the situation. Low resolution is sufficient for video analytics.

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Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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