Facial recognition as a marketing tool in retail

Facial recognition as a marketing tool in retail

Video surveillance systems have gone beyond security functions thanks to recognition algorithms, systematization, and automated data processing. To a large extent, this year, video analytics is aimed at solving business problems. Learn more about facial recognition as a retail marketing tool in our article.

Prerequisites for the introduction of biotechnology into retail

Biotechnological video monitoring options are used to:

  • collect various statistical information on the specified parameters;
  • count visitors;
  • detect crowds and build heat maps;
  • recognize human faces and maintain “VIP” and “Black” lists;
  • recognize vehicles’ state number plates;
  • track time;
  • optimize advertising budgets;
  • reduce material losses (from theft, fraud, poor use of working time, empty shelves, etc.).

The advantages of hardware video systems are:

  1. Wide functionality.
  2. Possibilities of integration with various software modules.
  3. Unlimited system scalability.

Increase in customers loyalty

Retail marketing, as a rule, implies the application of methods to increase customers loyalty, namely:

  • various bonuses, discounts, promotional programs;
  • loyalty cards, including personal ones.

Let’s compare traditional promotion methods with innovative ones.

Traditional methods

The client’s main desire is to get benefits immediately (a discount on payment for goods, a gift).

Accordingly, today every self-respecting store issues loyalty cards. Every ordinary consumer already has several dozen cards in his wallet; many have switched to electronic versions on the phone.

However, experts note a decrease in buyers’ activity concerning loyalty programs:

  • people do not like to waste time filling out questionnaires;
  • many do not believe in loyalty cards;
  • someone forgets the cards at home or does not want to look for them in the bag.

The main disadvantage of traditional methods of increasing customer loyalty is the need to participate in the process (card provision, verification).

Innovative methods

In an oversaturated marketplace and fierce hyper-competition in retail, the battle for customer loyalty never stops. The more complex the economic conditions, the more progressive methods are needed.

In 2021, it is advisable to use video analytical modules of surveillance systems. Take a closer look at the Faceter service, which allows you to quickly, remotely, and without interaction with the buyer, make biometric face identification.

Lists maintenance relieves visitors from the obligation to carry and present a loyalty card with them.

Pros of innovative methods:

  • high level of data security;
  • the possibility of visitors segmentation by gender and age group;
  • ample opportunities for marketing incentives for different categories of citizens (“happy hours,” promotions, discounts);
  • the ability to automatically and quickly identify regular and new customers;
  • providing discounts at the checkout without the participation of the buyer.

Work time management

Video surveillance installation in a store with elements of artificial intelligence helps in solving the following business problems:

  1. Studying the behavior and activity of employees.
  2. Record keeping.
  3. Management and control of working time.
  4. Payroll (when using hourly wages).
  5. Revealing the facts of violations of discipline and regulations.
  6. Improving customer service.


The purpose of integrating ACS and video analytical modules for monitoring is to create access scenarios that exclude any possibility of unauthorized access. In particular, biometric face recognition excludes the possibility of citizens entering the protected facility without access.

Losses reduction

The remote face recognition system works according to the following principle: a human face enters the field of view of an analytical camera, instantly carries out identification, and the face image is sent to the archive. The operator receives a message about the appearance of an unwanted or VIP guest.

IMPORTANT: the recognition algorithm interacts with an unlimited number of databases.

With the help of video cameras, you can determine:

If a person is on the wanted list or with a criminal past, the system will notify the operator confirming which database one is located in with the related notes. The information will appear on the operator’s alarm monitor in less than a second. This will help keep unwanted visitors at the entrance.


Consider using the Faceter cloud service for retail stores. It provides a recognition accuracy of 99.8% confirmed by specialists from the University of Washington (USA). You can use photos and live videos, get quick notifications, and maintain complete marketing awareness of the business.

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