Centralized video analysis in grocery stores

Centralized video analysis in grocery stores

Video surveillance for the sake of video surveillance is the last century. Today, those systems are popular that are designed to analyze incoming data from monitoring. Thanks to technology, the information obtained can be used to manage business processes. We’ll talk more about the possibilities and benefits of video analysis in this article.

What is the need for centralized video analysis in trading companies?

Conventional surveillance cameras, without analytics function, are designed to film what is happening around 24/7. All information enters the storage indiscriminately. This method has three drawbacks:

  1. to notice violations, you need to keep the operator next to the monitor;
  2. to analyze the data and check the performance of the system, you need a separate staff;
  3. it takes a long time to analyze video materials.

This does not exclude the notorious human factor.

Centralized data analysis will reduce ongoing staff costs and help streamline business processes.

Video analytics guarding business processes

Video analytics guarding business processes

With a competent approach to the analysis of video surveillance, it becomes possible:

  • monitor the work of staff and improve customer service;
  • identify thefts, damage to property;
  • find out shortcomings in logistics, violation of the rules for transporting products;
  • detect breaches of the goods storage conditions;
  • determine the store visitors (target audience);
  • establish the reasons for the losses of the business as a whole.

Video analytics will give 100% results if you choose the suitable device itself. Read more about the best cameras for monitoring in stores and shopping centers here.

Control of empty shelves

An intelligent video surveillance option can monitor the percentage of full store shelves.

The system can be configured in two ways: the benchmarking point can be a full shelf or an empty shelf. Then the software will be based on the emptying or occupancy of the object of observation. When a programmed event occurs, the system will notify the owner of the need for action.

For possible inaccuracies in the operation of the software, check our article “Video surveillance in a store: control of empty shelves.

For a simple introduction of video surveillance for business, read the publication “Cloud Video Surveillance for Business: Install in 3 Steps“.

Final dates control

Of course, the camera won’t film the final dates of every product on the shelves. It is about controlling and reducing the loss of fresh frozen food. Their storage quality depends on the temperature in the freezers.

Meat, fish, frozen fruits, berries, mushrooms, and vegetables deteriorate faster if you open the refrigerator door frequently. Installed sensors react only to opening. And video surveillance with analytics will recognize a frequent violator of the temperature regime and help control the preservation of products.

Drivers observation

The goods must be stored correctly and must be carefully brought from the supplier to the warehouse of the grocery store. “Smart” video surveillance can control loading and unloading operations.

The camera software will notify the owner of incorrect loading and damage to the goods.

Monitoring will reduce the percentage of product damage during transportation and facilitate conflicts resolution between the transport company, loaders, and the store.  

Business conclusions

Suppose you competently approach the choice of a device, analytics settings and listen for the advice of a professional on organizing video surveillance in a store. In that case, centralized data analysis will serve your business in:

  • reducing losses;
  • resolving conflicts between contractors, employees, and company managers;
  • increasing sales and closing plans;
  • drawing up reports;
  • organization of safe working conditions for employees;
  • control over the safety of store property;
  • suppression of offenses.

The trend of 2021 is cloud video surveillance. It does not require high financial costs for equipment purchase, is reliably protected from intruders, and has all the functions of advanced video analytics (face recognition, monitoring the time and quality of employees’ work, etc.).

Read more about cloud video surveillance for a store here. A quality representative of this technology is the service from Faceter.


Video surveillance software can raise awareness among business owners and their representatives about the current situation at each food outlet. Thanks to technology, you can reduce costs and increase business revenues without complicated marketing implementations.

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