Choosing a video camera with night vision: 6 important points + examples

A video camera with night vision is essential for a 24/7 security system. The devices work in low light and in its complete absence. If the facility is planning video monitoring 24/7, you need to clearly understand how to choose outdoor video cameras with night vision. We will talk about this in the article. 

Purpose of the outdoor video camera with night vision

Outdoor round-the-clock surveillance is used almost everywhere. For example, in the territories:

  • shops;
  • business companies;
  • public organization (schools, hospitals);
  • apartment buildings and private houses.

It is worth clarifying that an outdoor IP surveillance camera with night vision is aimed at protecting property precisely at night since most offenses are committed just under cover of night.

6 important points when choosing

The main nuance in choosing equipment for night photography is the picture quality. The image should be clear, high-contrast; there should be no problems with face recognition, license plates, etc.


Infrared illumination helps the camera see at night in low or no light conditions. At the same time, the human eye does not perceive infrared radiation, so that the equipment will remain invisible to intruders.

Day/Night mode

A device with a day-night function will do to prevent switching on other cameras when changing daylight to evening lighting. This mode automatically turns on black and white recording with additional illumination and returns color during the day. This improves the quality of the picture and the safety of the object.

And if you need to preserve the color of the image in the dark, read our article: “Color video images in the dark. Technology Review”.

Matrix sensitivity

The matrix is ​​responsible for the quality of the picture. The higher the minimum illumination (in lux), the clearer the images without noise.

And how to choose a matrix for your monitoring tasks can be found in the article: “Matrix for video surveillance: 2 types + 5 parameters and conclusions”.

Dynamic range

This indicator guarantees color, vivid images, and the contrast of black, white, and gray. If the dynamic range is low and even a weak matrix, there is a chance of getting low-quality shooting. Choose a device with a range of 120 dB or more for night shooting.

ICR filter

This is not a technology but a detail protecting the matrix from additional illumination during the daytime. It is necessary due to the different wavelengths of light.

The ICR filter improves the image. Otherwise, the whole shooting will be blurry and with disturbed color rendition.


Street cameras are negatively impacted every day:

  • temperature drops;
  • humidity, precipitation;
  • attempts by intruders to bring down devices, etc.

A special enclosure is required for the equipment to function correctly in all conditions. How to choose it, read the article: “Choosing a housing for a camcorder: 8 types + level of protection”.

Examples of cameras

For the convenience of finding devices, we have collected several models that are best suited for shooting in the dark. At this point, we will announce the names and technical characteristics of the equipment. The exact cost cannot be named since the price of outdoor CCTV cameras with night vision may differ in different stores and regions of the country.

Name Characteristics
IP-camera Hikvision DS-2CD1321-I(F) 
  • domed, vandal-proof housing;
  • IR illumination with a vision range of 30 m;
  • aremote viewing function;
  • resolution is 2 MP.
IP-camera Hikvision DS-2CD2047G2-L (С) 
  • cylindrical body;
  • remote recording to the cloud or a memory card;
  • LED backlight with a vision range of 40 m;
  • video analytics;
  • wired camera.
IP-camera Dahua DH-IPC-HDW1239T1P-LED-S4 
  • domed building;
  • LED-backlight with a vision range of 10 m;
  • resolution is 2 MP;
  • wired;
  • remote viewing.


Results and conclusions

Considering all of the above criteria, choosing an effective device for night photography is possible. It will produce a high-quality image without noise, blur, and color irregularities. Additionally, when looking for equipment, you can pay attention to the manufacturer and reviews from other buyers.

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Alexander Weber

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