Election surveillance cameras. 98% coverage at 50,000 polling stations.

Video surveillance is expanding its position. More and more often video surveillance is used not only by businesses, and private individuals in-home surveillance, but also by government agencies. No one is surprised anymore by the use of video cameras in many public places for security purposes. Video surveillance has been approved by legislation. Today we will talk about video surveillance during elections.

CEC has set a total surveillance system

Russia’s latest election campaign was practically held under total video surveillance. Camera election observation became essential in order to avoid all kinds of election fraud and to maximize the transparency of the voting procedure. 

Participants of the electoral process can quickly view all details of election day, resolve disputed points, and have the necessary supporting facts available. Such possibilities make attempts to falsify the results of any election much more difficult.

Coverage and number of polling stations observed

A modern video surveillance system for elections is effective and secure. It is considererably functional in its capabilities. An online polling station camera will show the voter turnout in a particular polling station at any time. 

Today, the video surveillance system at polling stations covers about 98% of the total number of polling stations. This is more than 50.000 in the 85 regions of the country. Just over 5.5 thousand polling stations were video-recorded on election day, and more than 36 thousand were equipped with video recorders.

All these measures are also aimed at preventing cyber-attacks

How does video surveillance work during elections? 

The polling station cameras installed maintained a three-day online broadcast on the Central Electoral Commission’s portal of the RF. And that’s about seventy hours in total. 

The video files will be stored for one year. There was no open video broadcasting. Only participating parties, election commissions, and candidates in single-mandate districts were able to access the video footage on the CEC’s portal. This restriction was due to a financial issue. 

Parties were able to follow the voting process on five accounts, each displaying video from four polling stations. 

In addition to them, the elections were monitored in an online mode by 86 observation centers in the regions. They were not limited in the number of accounts. Such centers were organized by the Public Chamber at the expense of the budget. 

Faceter home-use system

It is not only government organizations that are actively integrating video monitoring into their operations. Ordinary people have long appreciated the vast possibilities of home surveillance functionality. 

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Stay safe in your home and family with Faceter video surveillance. You can leave your home for work, business trips, and holidays and be aware of what’s happening on your property online. 

Cloud-based video surveillance service in the flat, at the cottage, and in the garage will allow you to quickly take action in case of force majeure. For example, if elderly relatives feel unwell if there is an emergency at the summer house or if someone breaks into the garage.

The Faceter service allows you to monitor your children and, if necessary, talk to them via two-way audio. The system will notify you of any movement in the frame.  

And all you need to set up Faceter video surveillance is two smartphones and the Internet. The choice of tariffs starts at 0 roubles. All tariffs can be found on the company’s official website https://faceter.cam/ru/tariffs.


Video surveillance has long ago moved from the category of redundancy to an affordable necessity. Now you don’t have to worry about whether the iron is off and there are no burglars at the cottage. Just imagine,  you are working on your laptop in your room and watching the kids playing or the hired help? These are not all the possibilities of video monitoring. Talk to a professional and customize the surveillance features to suit your needs.  

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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