An all-seeing eye for home. Three stages of a control system creation

An all-seeing eye for home. Three stages of a control system creation

Today everyone knows about video surveillance. But the age of conventional monitoring is leaving, and the time is coming for “smart” systems that make our everyday life easier. In this article, you will learn how to install video surveillance for your home yourself and what you need to do.

Variety of applications

The all-seeing eye for home is not only capable of observing. Today the systems are also used for:

There are a lot of methods for using video monitoring. But most importantly, it protects people’s lives and health and the safety of the property.

Complete list of home system costs

The cameras themselves are inexpensive. Most of the costs arise from additional purchases and payment for installation by specialists. Because: you need to buy a video recorder, hard drives, power supplies, cables, and consumables for installation;

  • work at height is possible, and this has risks;
  • installations include warranty service and other “free” services to customers;
  • very accurate and professional work is required.

It is impossible to give exact numbers since everything depends on the place of purchase and the choice of equipment. But you can find out more about the costs here.

3 stages of creation

Several stages of work should be carried out, from the idea of ​​installing a home video surveillance camera to its installation. The quality of the future system depends on them.

Statement of goals and objectives

The location and number of cameras and the amount of mandatory costs depend on the goals and objectives of video surveillance. In order to buy as many cameras as you need, decide on the functions:

  • control of entrances;
  • property protection;
  • children, the elderly, or service personnel supervision;
  • general control of the situation in the premises;

After clearly voiced tasks, you need to draw up a project indicating the places of cameras installation to fulfill the set goals. For example, when controlling entrances, the equipment is mounted near doors and windows, and when protecting property, only 1-2 cameras are needed, but with an alarm button, etc.

System type and equipment selection

There are many types of equipment on the market today, but we recommend that you ditch your old systems and take a look at the latest technology – IP cameras. Their advantages:

  • easy installation;
  • high-resolution shooting;
  • flexible scaling;
  • high level of protection against technical problems and cyber attacks;
  • broader functionality of remote control.

Quality installation

You can buy the best camera, but its proper operation will directly depend on the quality of the installation. In order not to spoil the system, you must:

  • be sure to draw up a project for the placement of cameras;
  • abandon old equipment. With it, you can overpay several times due to repairs, readjustments, and short service life;
  • buy cameras only in trusted stores. Do not buy equipment from Aliexpress under any circumstances.

For more information on installing the system, read this article: “How to kill a video surveillance system during installation? 6 common mistakes ”.

How to save money?

If you want to install video surveillance for your home inexpensively, you should abandon analog equipment and switch to cloud monitoring services.

To do this, you buy a regular IP camera, connect it to the cloud and get the following benefits:

  • the flexibility of settings and ease of use;
  • saving. No need to buy unnecessary equipment; you only need cameras in the required quantity and a paid service tariff;
  • saving time. You don’t need to go there to check the situation at the facility. The whole picture will be on your phone in real-time;
  • security of information. Cloud storage is reliably protected; you cannot delete data from the outside or transfer it somewhere.

The video surveillance service from Faceter has all these advantages.

Summing up

Video surveillance in the house is no longer a luxury. Today, everyone can purchase several cameras and enable round-the-clock control over the selected area. The main thing is to treat the installation of the system carefully and responsibly. Then the video surveillance will last a long time and without interference.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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