Expensive video surveillance and cheap video surveillance – what is the difference?

Monitoring devices, like any other product, have different pricing. There are cheap CCTV cameras, and there is a premium class. What is the difference, and which equipment is suitable for you – let’s analyze it in this article. 

What is expensive video surveillance?

By “expensive” video surveillance means not only the price but also a certain list of features. For example, even the most ordinary, non-multiple camera can cost a lot because of the brand and nature of the store. 

Expensive video surveillance is a long list of system features that can meet the monitoring requirements of even the largest businesses

Cheap CCTV cameras 

Cheap video surveillance is inexpensive cameras that are limited in their technical capabilities. For example, ordinary devices without artificial intelligence and special software. 

Such cameras are great for homes or small businesses. But you need to know that you can not buy used cameras and order equipment through Aliexpress. Read more in the articles: 

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Video surveillance selection criteria

There are 3 criteria for choosing video surveillance. According to them, you can understand what kind of equipment you need: 

  • multifunctionality. 

Premium class features a variety of functions that provide additional security. For example, analytics, remote viewing, backup, etc. Budget cameras often do not have these features. 

  • shooting quality. 

In budget counterparts, small details can be blurry and illegible. The Premium class gives high quality due to expensive internal elements (matrix, processor, etc.).

  • brand reliability. 

If a company sells its product cheaply, it means it is not confident in the quality of its product. Equipment from well-known brands costs more because the best has been invested in it. 

A separate category is the Faceter cloud service

There are 2 popular trends in IT development today: versatility and accessibility to the masses. 

Premium class video surveillance, of course, is in demand, but Faceter decided that it’s not very fair to limit the technical capabilities of ordinary users who can’t afford expensive monitoring. 

Faceter is mobile cloud-based video surveillance with: 

  • remote monitoring and online viewing of what’s going on; 
  • video analytics;
  • low maintenance costs. You need to pay once a month for the tariff + Internet for communication. 

Faceter is an inexpensive alternative to premium surveillance without loss of quality and functionality. More information is in the article: “Budget Video Surveillance with Faceter: 6 Unobvious Things“.


Expensive video surveillance with different features is more suitable for businesses, large enterprises, and stores. However, with Faceter’s budget monitoring, all premium features are available at affordable prices. Today you don’t have to overpay for the functionality. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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