Faceter Video control. Tariffs from 0 rubles + super capabilities

Faceter Video control. Tariffs from 0 rubles + super capabilities 

If you are reading this article, it means that you understand that a video monitoring system is not a luxury but a household necessity. We present to your attention an innovative video surveillance product from Faceter. We will tell you in detail about the tariffs and possibilities.

The future has already begun

In November 2019, the Faceter mobile application entered the Russian market. It is simple: it is designed for individuals and users from the government and business sectors.

Such a proposal is a market breakthrough that has overshadowed all the expensive and obsolete market options.

In the first week of testing, the company realized what an innovative solution would be. High demand came from banks and large private companies. Computer vision entered the market sharply and has been entrenched to this day.

Feature of video surveillance from Faceter differs in availability, versatility, maximum security, and ease of use.

For a detailed history of brand creation, read our article “Analysis of the smart surveillance system Faceter: in simple words about complex matters.”

Mobile App Review

Faceter is a remotely controlled cloud service, the leading technology of 2021. All data from surveillance cameras is encrypted, compressed, and transferred to the cloud. Only the owner of the code has access to the platform.

Our developers have simplified the application as much as possible, bringing the controls to an intuitive level. Anyone, be it a pensioner, a middle-aged person, or a schoolboy, will be able to deal with the platform.

To start using the application, you need:

  • two phones, where one will be a monitor and the other a camera. It is possible to use a network video camera + mobile phone;
  • download Faceter app to both devices using QR. On Google Play or App Store;
  • fix the camera in the right place;
  • open the application and start video monitoring.

Read more about the application here.

How do I get my phones ready for use?

For the phones to become part of the video surveillance system, it is enough to download the application to the phone of any operating system.

The main thing is that the OS should not be older than the 5.0 version of Android, 10.0 iPhone. And also, smartphones must have a camera over 1.3 MP.

Read more about how to make a camera out of a phone here.

Tariffs from 0 rubles

Service developers understand that each client needs its own set of functions. For example, a baby monitor does not need analytics, and warehouses do not need to count visitors.

Therefore, the service offers different tariffs in terms of functionality and cost. The simplest is given to the user for free. Why is video surveillance distributed free of charge? Details are in the article “Free video surveillance. TOP 3 best free services”.

You can read about other customizable tariffs here.

Superpowers (video analytics)

Intelligent video analytics based on neural networks is the highlight of the product. The system can:

  • recognize faces;
  • notify when a guest from the “black” or “white” list appears in the surveillance area;
  • classify visitors according to different parameters;
  • calculate the working hours of employees and much more.

Analytical abilities are great; you can find out the details and rules for setting up the system here.


The reasons people refuse video surveillance, even if they need it, are: 

  1. difficulties in understanding technical nuances;
  1. high prices;
  2. and the need to buy equipment.

Faceter excluded all these three reasons from the system. This is a new, simple mobile application that does not require high financial costs. But at the same time, it is capable of replacing entire security points.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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