How to install video surveillance on a window? 4 selection criteria

How to install video surveillance on a window? 4 selection criteria

A video camera on the window can protect property located near the house from theft and damage. In many cases, attackers are hesitant to commit a monitored violation with a record. And if the offense is committed, then in the police, you will be able to provide evidence in the form of a video recording.

The most crucial thing in installing video surveillance on a window is to choose and install cameras correctly. We will talk about this in the article.

Why do you need a video camera on the window?

Every day in the courtyards, there is a battle of motorists for free space and passage. Often in the morning, you can find dents, scratches, or the absence of things in the cabin. In such situations, you want to see the culprit and hold him accountable. But how can this be done if there are no witnesses?

This is where a window-mounted video camera comes to the rescue. If it is not possible to drive the vehicle to the parking lot or garage, then the device will:

  • control the situation inside the car (prevent theft);
  • monitor what is happening in the yard, around the vehicle.

Read in our article about installing the camera “Honest Review of Cameras for Video Surveillance of a Car in the Yard.”

Four main selection criteria

For a video camera to give the expected results, you need to approach its choice competently. Buying the cheapest device is not the best solution.

The required minimum for a video camera on the apartment window:

  • high light sensitivity or the presence of IR illumination;
  • high-resolution shooting, that is, the ability to recognize faces and license plates;
  • wide viewing angle;
  • reliable case;
  • the ability to remotely control and receive notifications on the phone.

Therefore, we recommend using modern cloud video surveillance systems. They are economical, mobile, and easy to use.

Matrix sensitivity

The size of the matrix is ​​responsible for the quality of shooting in the dark. If the sensitivity is low, then you will need to install the backlight. But the picture quality will still suffer.

To avoid problems with video surveillance in the evening and at night, you need to choose models with:

  • built-in backlight;
  • matrix sensitivity 0 Lux;
  • mode “Day / Night”.

Such a camera will automatically switch to shooting at night, so the image quality will not change.


Camera resolution is responsible for the detail and clarity of the image. A device with a low level is not suitable for observation from a distance. If you need a good picture and face recognition, small details, then it is better to choose video surveillance with a resolution of at least 500 pix / m.

Optics functionality

Each camera is sold with a lens, but it is best to select the optics individually for your needs. For example, if you need to:

  1. control the vehicle near the window; then there will be a relatively narrow focus;
  2. recognize an intruder’s face and/or the car is standing far from the window, it is better to choose a broader functionality.

If a universal output is required, then an adjustable lens will do.


Video surveillance is installed on the outside of the window. It is necessary to consider the effect of precipitation and low temperatures on the performance of the device, as well as the possibility of the physical impact of intruders. The device in an anti-vandal case will serve and preserve the image quality for years.

2 cameras to recommend

Cameras of the “HIKVISION” brand are popular on the market. Two devices were able to win the recognition of users, but they also have their pros and cons.

IP camera HIKVISION DS-2CD2043G0-I (2.8 MM)
Advantages  Disadvantages
The cylindrical body protects against moisture, dust, low temperatures Country of origin is China
Built-in motion detector Price is from 13,000 rubles
Day / Night mode The viewing angle is 114 °
Resolution – 2560 x 1440 Weak cybersecurity
Night shooting distance – 30 m There are difficulties with the firmware 

HIKVISION camera users expect value for money, but in reality, they face a lack of technical support, unsubstantiated prices, and weak security. The brand is perfect for those looking for budget surveillance.

IP camera HIKVISION DS-2CD2T43G0-I8 (6 ММ)
Advantages  Disadvantages
The cylindrical body protects against moisture, dust, low temperatures Country of origin is China
Built-in motion detector Price is from 16,000 rubles
Day / Night mode The quality of the recording deteriorates at night
Resolution is 2688 x 1520 Weak cybersecurity
Night shooting distance is 80 m There are difficulties with the firmware

You can read more about the problems of video surveillance from “HIKVISION” in our article: “6 global problems of Hikvision video cameras”. 

Faceter as an alternative

The “HIKVISION” brand gained popularity a few years ago thanks to the mass production of models in China and aggressive advertising. However, now the leading countries are abandoning the operation of these models, replacing them with more efficient and safe ones.

We recommend the Faceter cloud service system. There is no need to buy expensive equipment and additional accessories for video surveillance.

An IP video camera and an ordinary smartphone are enough as a monitor that will always be with you and notify you in case of abnormal events.

Benefits of the Faceter cloud service:

  • control of what is happening in real-time;
  • the ability to recognize faces and license number plates;
  • simple equipment setup and installation on the window;
  • high level of data protection in the cloud, as all information is compressed and encrypted.

The cost of cloud video surveillance includes a monthly payment for the Internet, tariff, and a one-time purchase of a camera.


The choice of equipment for outdoor video surveillance is always tricky: you want to save money but get good quality. The best and most popular option for video surveillance in 2021 is cloud services that reliably protect and store information. They also do not require high financial costs, are easy to install, and work 24/7 without interruption. The Faceter service meets these characteristics.

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