Six global problems of Hikvision video cameras

Six global problems of Hikvision video cameras

“See far, go further” is the present HikVision slogan. Although many users are so accustomed to the advertising statements, “Hikvision is the №1 manufacturer” that they perceive it as the official motto. Especially for our readers, we analyzed the operation of video cameras and conducted a complete analysis.

Unreasonable expectations of Hikvision consumers

If a consumer hears statements about the leadership of a particular company in the market, he expects from the products:

Concerning the eminent Chinese manufacturer, the expectations of end consumers often do not coincide with reality:

  • the HikVision video camera breaks down / breaks down just like any other equipment;
  • overpriced;
  • cybersecurity is a big question;
  • standard software is no longer supported.

Let’s have a look in more detail.

TOP-6 global problems of HikVision

Just because a brand is advertised and famous does not mean that it has no problems. From the point of view of the end consumer (public sector, business, and individual), it is worth paying attention to the following facts.

Affiliation of the company to the Government of the People’s Republic of China

Did you know that HikVision is 41.88% owned by the Government of the People’s Republic of China? It is no secret that governments only participate in the assets of those companies that are of strategic government interest. As you know, this manufacturer of video cameras is actively promoting its products all over the world.

  • In this case, the problem is not for HikVision, but for consumers, especially the public sector, who use cameras for internal and external security purposes.
  • A few facts to think about:
  • the most significant share of the company’s revenue comes from government projects and loans from the Chinese government to deploy video surveillance systems. Naturally, on HikVision equipment. We are talking about $ 800 million for the organization of the Chongqing safe city system, about $ 240 and $ 100 million loans to Ecuador and Bolivia, respectively;
  • starting in 2017, the US government restricts purchases of HikVision products, gradually dismantling and replacing the existing equipment of this company;
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is the leading buyer of video equipment from the Chinese company HikVision but makes direct, special orders without logos.

Weak cybersecurity

HikVision’s cybersecurity concerns start in 2013, namely:

  • difficulties with IP video cameras firmware;
  • multiple problems with DVRs that are being attacked for bitcoin mining;
  • reports of hacking of equipment from the Chinese province of Jiangsu, which is the center of the country’s computer security. The official reason is the usage of default and weak passwords;
  • recognition of IVMS 4500 software as malicious for iPhone and iPad;
  • identification of a critical vulnerability in the HikVision cloud server by Iraklis Matiopulos. The goal of hackers is to obtain users’ data (for pranking, extortion, selling information to competitors and ill-wishers).

Low competitiveness

It is known that about 74% of HikVision’s gross revenue comes from the Chinese domestic market. It turns out that the company’s share in developed markets is not large: where buyers are accustomed to high quality, HikVision can hardly compete, despite the stable downward trend in prices.

Failure with software

The biggest disappointment of the HikVision brand camcorder users was the refusal of technical support for the most popular paid software IVMS-5200 (Professional version).

At first, the software was distributed almost free of charge (in 2017), then it began to be sold, and after a few years, customers received notifications of technical support termination.

The company cited multiple software problems and glitches. The question arises: can not 10 thousand engineers of the company be able to fix the error?

Poor quality of the budget line

The HikVision CCTV camera from the HiWatch budget line has never been of excellent quality. The low price was achieved due to a decrease in the quality of parts and a minimum guarantee.

And if we talk about installing and updating a low-grade brand, there are more problems than you might imagine. Most installers refuse to go into the HiWatch installation.

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The purchase of a video surveillance camera should not be based on advertising admonitions of a well-known brand but on a conscious choice of suitable equipment for specific purposes. Choose equipment based on reviews of real users, view experts’ ratings, and pay only for necessary options.

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