Hybrid surveillance systems for casinos. Honestly about unrevealed

Hybrid surveillance systems for casinos. Honestly about unrevealed

The replacement of mirror glasses in the gambling business with surveillance cameras gave a great impetus to the development of the entire IT sphere. But still, despite the popularity of digital monitoring, many organizations are reluctant to change analog cameras.

This article will discuss the rationality for using digital surveillance and consider the benefits of hybrid systems.

The period of the most significant technical modernization

Casinos around the world are undergoing a peak of today’s major modernization. And this has been going on for several decades. Everything can be explained very easily: millions of dollars are spinning in the gambling business. Because of this, casinos need the latest analysis, security, and monitoring systems.

Analog vs. IP

The analog video surveillance organization on the market is considered to be outdated. How to understand that it is time to change the system? First, you need to compare the capabilities of IP and analog cameras. Legacy system:

  • the image is blurry and grainy;
  • there is no possibility of zooming in, detailing, and maintaining the quality of the picture;
  • no two-way audio communication;
  • lack of video analytics;
  • the inability to automatically update the system;
  • endless web of wires;
  • data is stored on external media;
  • no remote control and management;
  • no notification system;
  • many additional accessories and equipment are required (recorders, hard drives, etc.).

As a consequence, all this leads to low protection of the object. It should not be allowed in a casino since the security and control of the territories should be at the maximum. Only IP systems today are capable of providing this level of protection.

It is important! You cannot install a covert surveillance video camera. This is illegal and threatens with legal liability.

Hybrid casino systems

The performance problem can be solved not only by 100% replacement of equipment with digital but also by combining technologies. Thus, hybrid systems appear with their unique advantage. 

Fault tolerance

When two types of video surveillance control the situation at the facility, fault tolerance is increased to its limit. The systems insure each other, and in the event of one’s breakdown, the other will function, thereby ensuring uninterrupted monitoring in real-time 24/7.

Moreover, the two systems do not have to work separately. For example, developers Honeywell and Pelco have created hybrid surveillance controlled by an ordinary keyboard. This completely erased the line between digital and analog.

PTZ is the best option for casinos

The casino needs dynamic cameras capable of tilting, zooming in without losing quality, and shooting 360 ° panoramic cameras. The PTZ device is what you need.

The camera can work indoors and outdoors; it is not affected by precipitation and temperature drops. And also, all the electronics of the device are protected by the housing.

There are both analog and digital models. Thus, you can switch to modern or create hybrid video surveillance.

Read more about the reasons for the popularity of PTZ cameras in our article: “What is an IP PTZ? 6 reasons for popularity in 2021 ”.

Results and conclusions

A surveillance camera for a gambling business should be multifunctional, ranging from fault tolerance and online monitoring to “smart analytics.” Only such a hybrid system is capable of providing the highest level of protection available today.

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Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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