Mobile ACS reader: 4 top market products

The adoption of mobile readers is happening at a rapid pace. For example, in 2016 the share of such devices occupied only 7% of the commercial sector, but by 2021 this figure increased to 20%. In this article, we will look at four products on the market and explain how they work.

Features of the market mobile readers

Mobile readers appeared on the market due to the following features: 

  • developers immediately implement NFC support without additional costs for the user, so they were initially mobile; 
  • ACS developers expand their range of readers with built-in and separate Bluetooth modules; 
  • end-users choose mobile system support for the future.

More about contactless access шы in the article: “Gold standard pronciple of contactless access in 2021“.

4 top market products 

Thanks to successful devices that end users liked for their functionality and capabilities, the technology is developing. Let’s talk about them.

Mobile access terminal 

The mobile terminal works with a built-in NFC module and supports four modes: entry, event, no registration, and exit. Even if the device is offline, the data will be stored in the application’s memory and then sent to the server when access is restored. The terminal is capable of:

  • Control the access of people and vehicles to the territory.
  • Check the data of personnel with a pass.
  • Read the time spent on the territory of the object.

Usually, for such tasks, ACS is combined with video surveillance. The device model is Parsec.


The access control market is beginning to gradually catch up with users’ needs for a mobile identifier. This technology helps employees pass through turnstiles, doors, gates, and barriers.

The main advantage of the ACS reader is its fast operating speed, which allows you not to even take your phone out of your pocket. The device is called the Sigur MR1.

BLE reader

The developers of BLE readers went further and implemented the ability to connect the device to any existing and installed access control system.

At the same time, the system works with a built-in proximity card reader. More information about access cards is in the article: “A detailed guide to choosing a smart card for access control.” Model – ProxWay BLE.

Multi reader

Multi-format ACS reader controllers can work on any operating system of the phone, and in terms of functionality, they correspond to other models that interact unstably with Apple. But also, the device can work based on IOS and Android smartwatches. Model is RDR-202 Multi from RusGuard.


The main advantage of mobile readers is that phones are lost and forgotten at home much less often than access cards. And also, more ID cards fit into the memory of the devices.

The introduction of ACS + “smart” video surveillance has been developing on the Russian market for a long time. But mobile readers are just getting started.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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