Rating of developers of face recognition algorithms. TOP numbers

Rating of developers of face recognition algorithms. TOP numbers

The human recognition system should work perfectly, without failures and complaints. Therefore, it is so important to approach the choice of a product and its manufacturer responsibly. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best developers. We will discuss them in this article.


Here we will look specifically at face recognition algorithms. This is not a ready-made software product, but only an algorithm, a clear sequential work plan, which in the future will still be packaged into a program and technical equipment.

List of independent international experts

Personal identification systems are gaining popularity. Today biometric readers are used in business, marketing, security systems of private and government levels. Facial recognition is actively used in the production of “smart” cities.

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Due to this popularity, many algorithm manufacturers appear on the world market. But at the same time, there are independent companies that check the effectiveness of the created instructions. The most famous of them are NIST, MegaFace, and NtechLab.

TOP-8 algorithms and their manufacturers

The world market is dominated by Chinese manufacturers such as Megvii and Fudan University (algorithms called “megvii-000” and “fdu-000”, respectively).

They are not lagged behind by Russian developers, namely VisionLabs with its “visionlabs-003” technology, ITMO University with the “itmo-003” algorithm, and Tridivi, which released “3divi-001” on the market.

If we talk about American developments, it is worth noting two high-quality algorithms under the code names “cyberextruder-002” from the manufacturer of the same name and “cogent-000”, Gemalto Cogent.

There is also an interesting work of Taiwanese specialists on the market, namely “gorilla-000” from Gorilla Technology.

The rating of developers does not end there because the market has just begun to develop: from small companies to IT giants (Google, Yandex, Microsoft, Facebook, VK, etc.).

Market conclusions

Thanks to the voiced diversity of manufacturers, the competition in the market is intensifying every year. Looking back at past years, we can conclude that this level of competition is forcing developers to lower prices for their biometric reader algorithms.

It is logical to assume that the cost of development will continue to fall. At the same time, the quality of products will increase since the laws of self-regulation of the market come into force.


The market for personality recognition systems and algorithms is growing every year. New developers and experts appear. The high competition allows the market to self-regulate and make a quality product available to everyone

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