Video surveillance at a construction site + crane video surveillance

The areas of objects covered by video surveillance are becoming wider. Cloud-based construction video surveillance has become accessible and relevant nowadays. There are many issues that video surveillance at the construction site and the construction machinery covers. This is, first of all, monitoring the safety of people. Read more about construction video monitoring in the following article. 

Construction video surveillance: 7 rules

Smart video surveillance for construction sites will give you the opportunity to make the most accurate and effective decisions quickly. To make a video surveillance system at a construction site as useful as possible, you should follow 7 important rules.  

  1. Pay attention to the fact that you need to monitor moving objects.
  2. A secure location for the video recorder is required. 
  3. There has to be round-the-clock online surveillance.
  4. The whole system needs to be mobile. Cameras will need to be periodically repositioned as construction sites ‘grow’ and change.
  5. Multi-level access to video archives and the cameras themselves should be made.  
  6. Wireless installation and Wi-Fi access are likely to be needed.  
  7. Compliance with RF and regional laws and regulations on the placement of video surveillance equipment at construction sites should be ensured.

Video surveillance for special vehicles

Modern special vehicles must be equipped with a video surveillance system. The equipment takes into account the difficulties and peculiarities of working with such machineries, such as poor lighting. 

Special machines are used on construction sites such as forklifts, excavators, tower cranes, bulldozers, concrete mixers, etc. Taking into consideration all the risks and dangers at a building site a surveillance camera becomes a great help at a construction site.

The main tasks performed by video surveillance on special vehicles are as follows 

  • observation of machinery; 
  • monitoring of machinery surroundings;
  • control of driver’s actions;
  • recording of controversial situations.

Crane video surveillance

Installing video surveillance on the crane, you get a lot of advantages in the process of video monitoring of the construction site and all objects on it.  

Here is the list of the main advantages of crane surveillance:

  • the camera has a wider field of view. And the movement of the lens gives a much wider view. That gives the entire panorama for recording. The optical zoom allows you to see all the details in the image.    
  • access to the camera by unauthorized persons is extremely difficult. Motion detectors and the option to save the archive remotely make its operation invulnerable.  
  • The entire system is mobile and can be installed at any location. 

Video surveillance by phone

Did you know that you don’t need to scrap your old smartphone? It’s perfect for installing video surveillance at any location and can also act as a camcorder.

A working model with a 1.3 Megapixel camera and above, Internet access, and an unspoiled screen would be suitable for this role. 

Video surveillance via phone can be used for the following tasks:

  • looking after elderly relatives, children, and pets; 
  • surveillance of business premises and private properties to ensure the security of assets; 
  • video surveillance for your car; 
  • monitoring the work of employees.

And these surveillance features aren’t the only ones that are available on your old phone.  

Read the two instructional articles:

Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera” and “What to do with an old smartphone: 5 examples of useful uses“.


Installing video surveillance at a construction site will increase attention to enforcing safety rules, minimize breaches of them and possibly save someone’s life. 

In addition to that important factor, video monitoring provides simple control over the work of staff, compliance with construction deadlines, and thefts. And with facial recognition features, the system will notify the user if unwanted persons enter the premises. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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