Video camera processor. Manufacturers overview + 4 characteristics

Video camera processor. Manufacturers overview + 4 characteristics 

Video surveillance should be assembled from modern parts. Otherwise, it will bring more inconvenience than advantages. For example, outdated processes produced only 3-5 years ago consume a lot of resources, are inefficient, and get very hot. In this article, we will talk about new and TOP economical video surveillance processors in the IT market.

The main task of the processor in the video surveillance system

The processor in the system is responsible for:

  • obtaining an image from a matrix (collecting pixels into a single picture);
  • contrast, clarity, white balance;
  • noise removal;
  • the operation of sensors (for example, movement);
  • operation of interfaces (Ethernet, wireless communication, OS, web services, etc.).

In general, a good camcorder processor will improve the quality of shooting and increase the system bandwidth.

Manufacturers overview

In the first place is the manufacturer “Sony.” They started making video camera processors back in 1997. Now the company continues to release a new line, the TOP of which includes IPELA ENGINE EX.

In second place is AXIS Communications. It is a technology leader in IP cameras, and its ARTPEC chips are considered a small revolution in the market. The 7th generation of improved ARTPEC-7 processors is now in production.

Hanwha Techwin takes the third place. The latest development is WiseNet 5 with hardware support for 150 dB WDR function.

NextChip takes fourth place. It now manufactures HD-TVI and HD-CVI high definition ISPs.

4 important characteristics

Processor firms shape their audiences based on high-end specifications and only partly on the brand.

Therefore, let’s look at five important nuances when choosing a process:

  1. Shooting speed. The more FPS, the better and smoother the video will be.
  2. Auto gain control helps keep the video signal within 0.7V.
  3. Video signal level (IRE)
Level (IRE) Sensitivity
30 Video with minimum illumination
50 Useful video
100 Full video

     4. Lux sensitivity. The minimum illumination where a contrasting scene is formed.

     5. Balance of black and white (signal and noise).


If you do not want to choose and need the most straightforward and cheapest video surveillance option, then select an intelligent service from Faceter.

This system does not require unnecessary equipment and parts. It is enough to buy an IP camera and connect it to the service. Read about how to do this in the article: “Faceter mobile application review. 7 main questions”.

If you plan to mount surveillance at home, a professional camera can be replaced with a regular smartphone. More details are here.


Every detail in CCTV is essential. Especially the processor, since it is responsible for almost 90% of the entire system. Choose components from leading manufacturers according to the required technical capabilities. And if you don’t want a simple and budget system, consider the versatile Faceter service. Be aware that in addition to the selected tariff, you can connect video analytics.

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