Video camera with active protection. Intimidation + 3 important functions

The possibilities of modern video surveillance are getting wider and wider. Today a video camera with active protection is available to any user. This novelty combines the function of protection and common video recording. Not only surveillance of the object is now available, but also the possibility of protection using a searchlight and siren. The new equipment is increasingly becoming attractive to consumers of video surveillance services.  

Personal Security. Operating principle 

What is the principle of operation of street surveillance with active protection? What issues are covered by the installation of a street camera at the entrance to a private house? 

The main function is to respond to the unauthorized intrusion of a stranger into the territory of the protected object. The user in this case can be in another place and conduct online surveillance.  

Stroboscope (device, reproducing the flashes of light) in the video camera triggers a stranger approaching, and the bright light scares the intruder away. His face is illuminated by the backlight and recorded by the camera. At this time, the user receives a message with a photo and a short video about the intruder.  


Video cameras with multiple security functions are in demand and actively used by the owners of private houses, cottages, and country houses. A video camera with active protection allows you to be calm for the property during the absence of the owner. The surveillance camera can be installed on the window or front door. 

Such combined protection is in demand by owners of small businesses such as owners of kiosks, small stores, warehouses, and small areas. 

Video surveillance with additional protection is also used in the “Safe City Structure“. It significantly increases the comfort and safety of the urban environment.       

Important functions 

What are the main functions of a street CCTV camera for home? Buying a video surveillance system with active protection means getting a solution to these problems:

Repelling potential intruders from the protected territory.

Possibility of night surveillance in color.

Photo and video recording of the incident.

Recording video to cloud storage.

Let’s see each function in detail.


The deterrence function is urgently needed for a timely response to the intrusion of criminals into the object of surveillance in the absence of the owner of the territory. By the time the police patrol arrives, the intruder can simply be repelled.

The “smart” video camera is equipped with an infrared motion-responsive sensor and a deterrent function: a siren and a spotlight.

When an intruder is detected, the siren goes off loudly and unexpectedly, repelling the intruder. A searchlight (strobe) illuminates the area and dazzles the intruder. 

This is often enough to make the intruder escape.

Color surveillance

Today, the possibility of night video surveillance in color allows not only to get a color picture in the dark but also to collect a variety of analytical material. This includes recognition of faces, license plates of vehicles, and details of some data.

Incident capture.

The operation of a spotlight with a white backlight illuminates and captures the face of the intruder. A photograph of the intruder and a short video is taken.

This information will later become necessary in the investigation of crimes committed.   


The most important function of any modern video camera is to record events.   The capabilities of Faceter’s smart cloud surveillance system solve a wide range of tasks to ensure the safety of people and property. Video recordings are stored in cloud storage, which is always accessible to the user from anywhere in the world.

A pair of smartphones is enough to install the surveillance system, and the variety of tariffs allows you to get the service even without paying. 

List of video cameras

Here is a brief list of street cameras with active protection features: 

  • IP-camera REDLINE RL-IP15P-S.alert with a repelling function;
  • IP-camera 2 megapixels with Wi-Fi with a repelling function REDLINE RL-IP42P-SW.pir. 

The list actually could go on for a long time. What is the best street surveillance camera? Everyone determines this on the basis of the possibility of solving their own security problems.

Or you can turn to the proven expert Faceter. The issue of effective performance of all video surveillance tasks will be solved optimally useful for any user.  


Modern capabilities of smart video surveillance can be used by both a businessman and an ordinary user. Cooperation with professionals will give confidence in the quality of the service, will provide peace of mind in compliance with the law, the full implementation of the purpose of video monitoring and as a result, save a significant amount of money. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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