Video Surveillance 2022 – 6 Technological Trends. Don’t miss the trend.

In 2021 the Edelman Trust Barometer study was conducted. The online survey was conducted in 28 countries. The analysis showed that people no longer trust the technology sector. At the same time, concerns remain for global warming, decline in the availability of workplaces, threat of cyber attacks. The concerns are relevant to the security and video surveillance system. The reliability of the innovative system will give the opportunity to create a more secure world. And ideas and techniques will help improve security not only in 2022 but also in the future. 

The main drivers of the growth of the video surveillance market

The growth of the video surveillance market is caused by the need to suppress criminal activities (theft, murder, robbery) and terrorism. Widespread implementation of video monitoring capabilities guarantees the citizens of the country protection and security.    

The main global market trend is video surveillance based on artificial intelligence. Video monitoring resources are actively used in marketing and fighting global epidemics.    

At the present time, the future of video surveillance is intelligence analysis which in the future will require less human interference. 

6 technological trends 2022

Video surveillance in 2022 – what are the main trends? Let’s highlight 6 main trends:

  1. Combating coronavirus infection.
  2. Control of ecology in different spheres of life on the planet.
  3. Strengthening cybersecurity measures.
  4. Use of 5G Internet channel.
  5. Active use of artificial intelligence.
  6. The increasing complexity of authentication.  

Below we will consider each aspect in detail.

Influence of CoVID-19

Video monitoring takes into account the real needs of the market and adjusts to them. Starting from 2020 the need for the introduction of anti-Covid measures is obvious. 

Large shopping centers are equipped with cameras at entrances that monitor compliance with mask and temperature regimes and conduct video analysis. The system works automatically round the clock. Large financial expenses are not required for modernization and implementation. 

World through the prism of ecology

The issue of the global environmental security is extremely relevant today. Artificial Intelligence video surveillance provides invaluable assistance in nature protection.  

In what areas of life has video monitoring become useful?

  • national nature parks – control of visitors, prevention of killing of park dwellers, protection of the territory;
  • the study of sea waves – measuring their height allows you to draw conclusions about the upcoming tsunami or storm;
  • detection of forest fires – a sophisticated surveillance system with televisions, PTZ cameras allows you to detect fires at an early stage and signal firefighters and safety.  
  • Information about how to connect video surveillance to the TV can be obtained here
  • monitoring oil spills – helps strengthen the protection and preservation of nature from an oil accident.

Hold a course for cybersecurity 

The issue of cybersecurity is extremely important and remains constantly on the world agenda. 

The most vulnerable to cyber-attacks are:

  1. communication line and channel;
  2. data bank and archive; 
  3. hardware, software.
  4. The main ways to protect video surveillance from hackers: 
  5. regular testing of equipment; 
  6. limit the number of users and access; 
  7. rejection of universal passwords.


High-speed 5G technology expands the possibilities of using video monitoring. In the future, the use of 5G will have a positive impact on the safety of medicine, industry, and transport. And the artificial intelligence of video surveillance will help process a large amount of information and carry out qualitative analysis. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence that responds to specific information from surveillance cameras is video analytics. It is available as part of many surveillance systems. It is driven by the desire of users to be informed on all eventualities occurring at surveillance sites. 

Video monitoring based on artificial intelligence performs analysis of received information, which is also actively used as marketing research.

The increasing complexity of the authentication

In the need for trust in security and increased attention to possible cyberattacks, authenticity is becoming a major nuisance. It requires more and more attention.

A comprehensive solution is needed, the use of digital signatures, and verification of data sources. Only a targeted approach and new technologies can meet the challenges of today. 

The most reliable place to store data will be cloud-based video archive storage. It’s easy to use, cost-effective. Today cloud storage is the most in-demand and leading way to store information all over the world. 


Not so long ago video surveillance could only be afforded by wealthy people and businessmen. Today it has become an affordable service with wide analytics capabilities. Video surveillance from Faceter provides the benefits of artificial intelligence to any user. The use of video analytics data allows to optimize the business process and contributes to profit growth.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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