Video Against Coronavirus: 3 Video Solutions to Win

Video surveillance is constantly adjusting to user requests, and since 2020 it has been helping to fight the pandemic. For example, everyone could notice small cameras at the entrances to shops and shopping centers that provide mask mode control and measure the temperature. In this article, we will take a closer look at the functions of this solution and offer different options for implementing systems.

Basic Principles of Video Monitoring of Antique Measures

For the video solution to work properly and help in a pandemic, it had to be upgraded as soon as possible. As a result, monitoring to enhance prevention and control of the virus looks like this:

  • contactless face recognition systems. For example, ACS;
  • remote system management and access control;
  • video analytics to improve efficiency.

Such a system, which combines three principles, monitors the situation around the clock and works fully automatically.

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3 core video solutions 2021-22

Video surveillance is based on fast and straightforward solutions that do not require high financial costs to implement the system. Today there are 3 standard solutions:

  • measuring the body temperature of a person entering the lens;
  • video analytics;
  • mask mode control.

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Thermal imagers for measuring body temperature

Today, you need to be healthy and with a normal body temperature to visit public places. Thermometer guards are not an effective solution for the information technology age.

Therefore, at the entrances, you can see cameras on tripods, which change body temperature remotely and notify in case of deviations from the norm.

Camcorders + video analytics

Conventional cameras are not enough to control the situation, which record information from the lens and transmit it to storage. To analyze the situation, you need artificial intelligence capable of concluding based on what you see.

Video analytics helps with this. It is capable of:

  • facial recognition;
  • drawing up lists of visitors and singling out those who violate the rules;
  • notifying in case of deviation detection from the prescribed norms;
  • controlling the work quality and service of employees;
  • monitoring cash transactions;
  • and other things that can improve the quality of business, marketing, and security systems.

Mask detection

But how does the system recognize faces if everyone is wearing masks? For video analytics, 50-60% of the face is sufficient, so the respiratory protection means will not affect the quality of the surveillance work in any way.

The result can be worse only if the person puts on other accessories covering part of the face: sunglasses, a cap, a high scarf, etc.

But AI technologies are constantly evolving, and before the pandemic, a face mask could interfere with analytics. Consequently, the technology will continue to improve in the coming years.

Solution from Faceter

It is believed that video analytics is an expensive and technically complex solution. But Faceter opened up the power of artificial intelligence to the masses. Any user of mobile cloud video surveillance can take advantage of the following features:


Monitoring can become a full-fledged assistant in the fight against coronavirus infection. To do this, it is necessary to supplement the system with video analytics, which will be responsible for monitoring the temperature and observing the mask regime of visitors. Take a closer look at Faceter, a cloud video surveillance service. The coronavirus will be defeated by the joint forces of humanity and technology.

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Alexander Weber

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