Video surveillance and coronavirus. Smart cameras and quarantine

With the advent of the pandemic, remote viewing cameras began to be used in a new field. The FaceID network plays a huge role in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. We will talk about how anticovid video projects are being implemented in the article.

A new era of control

The video recording system was responsible for the prevention and control of the minimization of personal contacts. That is why such hopes are pinned on predictive analytics.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can analyze the situation and respond to violations promptly, excluding the human factor.

Face recognition cameras can identify quarantine violators, mark those who refuse to use personal protective equipment.

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Video surveillance and coronavirus

Video surveillance in the coronavirus has become an assistant for Russia and the entire world community.

China experience

A pandemic began in China, and the development of video monitoring to combat the infection. FaceID cameras have been installed in all major cities, but wearing masks has undermined the effectiveness of all systems.

Therefore, the Chinese developers threw all their efforts into the improvement of the algorithm. Today, Chinese progressive devices with 98% accuracy recognize a person with a partially hidden face. The algorithms were trained by new technology for facial identification by eyes, and a million photographs were used.

Moscow experience

In 2020, the mayor of the capital took measures to strengthen monitoring systems in the city. This included the introduction of analytics and monitoring compliance with the home regime of citizens for self-isolation and movement of patients.

For example, in Moscow, the monitoring system identified a taxi driver driving a Chinese citizen with a positive test for Covid.

Prevention of covid in a new way

Russia needs massive innovation, and the pandemic has exacerbated this need.

To strengthen the prevention and fight against infection, the following is required:

  • contactless identification systems in private and public bodies. For example, integration of ACS + monitoring;
  • remote viewing of video surveillance via the Internet and access control;
  • “Smart technologies” to improve control efficiency.

In general, such technologies are already partially used in our country. They help to monitor the situation 24/7, work in automated mode with an accuracy of 98%.


At the government level, video surveillance helps control the incidence of covid-19 disease. Monitoring during the pandemic began to develop rapidly towards improving the accuracy of analytics. Face recognition will work in a large flow of people in a few years, even if the faces are partially covered.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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