Who needs eye iris personality identification?

Biometrics is the leading part of the access control system. It cannot be faked or hacked. Therefore it is actively used by large enterprises around the world.

According to Research and Markets statistics, every year, the global IT market for iris identification will increase by 19% on average. The market is estimated to be $ 1.3 billion by 2023.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who needs this system and how it works.

Varieties of biometric characteristics

Biometric recognition is the reading of a human’s unique personal data and comparing it with a database. The biometric reader works based on two characteristics:

  1. Physiology. This includes the shape of the face and skull, fingerprints, the retina and iris of the eye, the drawing of the vessels of the palm and fingers, DNA, and the hands’ geometry.
  2. Behavioral identification. Dynamics of keystrokes, comparison of signatures and handwriting, voice recognition, gait, body shape.

Technology has opened up a new level of security for businesses. Therefore, more and more companies are moving away from passwords in favor of biometric readers. But the benefits of biometrics affect not only managers but also ordinary employees. They do not need to memorize any passwords, change them, invent new ones, carry passes, etc. Everything is much simpler with the reader: you need to enter the personnel data into the database and remove it upon dismissal.

How the algorithm works 

The analysis of the iris is done thanks to an intelligent surveillance camera that reads images of the lining of the eye, not a network of blood vessels, but the whole picture. The information received is unique. The iris has unique, intricate details. There is no second copy of eyes in the world. Moreover, when scanning the iris, the method is different. After analyzing the data, the algorithm checks it against the database. 

Who needs iris biometrics?

The iris analysis is safe for eyesight. This fact and the fall in system prices make the technology available to the masses. You should not ignore the potential of the method application.

Today, the work of video surveillance systems with biometrics is used in various industries and human activities. For example:

  • ID cards along with passports. In leading countries, eye biometrics, along with fingerprints, are used to identify people at voting and interact with government departments;
  • control over the immigration of citizens. Fingerprints have long been used to cross international borders. But in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, they went further and introduced the analysis of the iris;
  • banks. The protection of customer data and their money has always been important to financial institutions. For this, biometrics is used instead of passwords today;
  • hospitals. Biometrics helps to identify the patient immediately, and one’s medical history along with the medical record;
  • business. Here, video surveillance is often combined with analytics to create a “smart” system. For example, such a system can identify employees and monitor their work process and quality of service.

Biometrics today can be adopted in all spheres of human life, from social to work. But one question remains unresolved: “Is artificial intelligence in the video total control or benefit?

Results on the topic

Biometrics has taken its place of honor in access control systems due to its reliability and efficiency. The technology is needed for everyone who has priority in business security and modernization of work processes.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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