Why do we need cameras in the catering industry? 3 reasons + 9 external crimes

Businesses of all levels are also actively using video monitoring of various functionality. Restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets are no longer without cameras. What tasks of public catering activities are solved by video surveillance? What crimes can be prevented by an online camera in a cafe, for example? The discussion is in the article.

Three main reasons to install video surveillance

Modern video surveillance capabilities can solve the three main tasks of any business.  

  1. Control over the work of employees and all production activities on the territory of the company.
  2. Reducing direct losses from theft, damage, and shortages. The presence of a surveillance camera will often just stop a potential criminal.  
  3. A metric of marketing effectiveness of a business. 

Opportunities to solve all three problems are the reasons that determine the need to install a video surveillance system. 

Reducing direct losses.

The primary purpose of video monitoring is to keep the production process safe and help investigate incidents.  

Both the service hall and the kitchen require video surveillance. Specificity of catering consists of the effective work of waiters, cashiers, bartenders, kitchen staff. In each production area, there is the possibility of theft and other unlawful acts. Control is necessary in each area.

IMPORTANT: a hidden camera in the restaurant (disguised as common household items) is prohibited by applicable law. 

Metrics of marketing effectiveness

Modern “smart” professionally installed video surveillance allows not only to solve security issues of public catering establishments but also to collect data for marketing research of the business owner.

Video monitoring capabilities allow you to compile reports on specified periods and marketing performance indicators. 

This includes the number of new or regular visitors, the average check, and any other criteria that allows you to evaluate the conduct of the business.

Operational controls

Control of cash transactions is one of the most effective methods of protecting against theft in a general catering business.

The task of the video surveillance system is to record the work of the cash register terminal and cashier. The camera shall be installed in such a way that both the terminal and the employee’s actions during service at the cash register are clearly visible.   

Today it is possible to combine a cash register with surveillance, which allows you to require additional confirmation in case of suspicious transactions.

Video analytics in public catering establishments allows not only to monitor the efficiency of the staff, but also to determine customer satisfaction with the quality of service, make lists of undesirable guests or VIP clients.  

9 types of external crimes

Video footage set up at the point of sale of public catering will significantly reduce the number of crimes on its premises and investigate those that have already occurred.

What kind of crimes are they? Let’s highlight 9 possible offenses.  

  1. Theft, robbery.
  2. Drunk and disorderly conduct.
  3. Theft of other people’s clothes from a coat rack and emptying the pockets of the neighboring pockets at the same time.
  4. Theft of handbags, belongings from establishment guests at the table.
  5. Fraudulent use of a 5,000 banknote when paying at the cash register.
  6. Nighttime vandalism.
  7. Phone charging scams.
  8. Extortion, blackmail by the fraudulent sale of alcohol to an underage person.
  9. Helping police investigate a third-party crime when video footage of a cafe, restaurant contains information investigators need.

Complete solution from Faceter

Having a video surveillance system is no longer a pampering or attribute of wealth. It has become a necessity and a way to address a wide range of tasks.   

The innovative products from Faceter are designed for different customers: public institutions, private individuals, businesses of all levels.

Faceter video analytics systems are affordable, secure, convenient, and multifunctional. 


There is an opinion that restaurants, cafes, pizzerias do not need video surveillance. Putting savings at the forefront, owners refuse to install video cameras. And they make a mistake. The benefits that video analytics provides in addition to physical security, a hundred times recoup the cost. In addition, 24/7 surveillance has long been possible with just a couple of smartphones. Install a video surveillance system, make the most of its functionality and get ahead of your competitors. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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