200,000 RUB fine or four years in prison for covert cameras

Spy or hidden home video surveillance cameras are prohibited for use on the territory of the Russian Federation in business, production, and in a private house/apartment, as well as in public places. We will tell what punishment awaits the owner of small, inconspicuous cameras and how to avoid this in our article.

What are spy surveillance cameras?

CCTV spy cameras are covert surveillance that no one knows about except the owner. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, such monitoring is prohibited.

Hidden cameras include:

  • recording devices disguised as household items;
  • PIN-HOLE equipment;
  • inconspicuous, small cameras that are installed without the consent and notification of people being recorded.

For the use of spy equipment, you face a fine of 200 thousand rubles + disposal of equipment or up to 4 years of imprisonment. These are the provisions of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Article 138.1) and the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation 

Purchase/sale and use are different things

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, it is forbidden not only to use hidden cameras but also to buy and sell them.

Criminal liability has been established for the information secret collection, manufacture, purchase, and sale of spy equipment in Russia. Read more about fines for video surveillance in the article: “Wireless micro covert camera”.

It is possible to purchase and use spy equipment only with a special license (for individuals and legal entities) and only for employees of federal law enforcement agencies.

Prohibition of video surveillance. What is it?

In Russia, there is no regulatory document that would clearly describe the requirements for the use of video surveillance. The only condition is that notification boards must be installed along with the cameras.

But according to the Civil Code, the consent of people is not required for filming in public places, where monitoring is needed for state purposes and public safety. And also, there are some objects where cameras should be mandatory, e.g., hospitals, airports, schools, government departments.

Read more about the rules for organizing video monitoring in Russia in this article.

Hidden home security cameras. How to detect?

Despite the bans, it is still possible to find surveillance cameras, especially in rented private premises and hotels.

To detect prohibited equipment, you need to:

  • inspect household items and gadgets;
  • check for lenses and indicator lights;
  • use a special scanner or mobile application for detection.

For a more detailed algorithm for finding wireless surveillance cameras, read the following publication: “4 ways to find a hidden camera. What to do if I find it?

Legal and inexpensive

If you need a monitoring system and do not need unnecessary problems with prohibited equipment, use the Faceter system.

You will not have extra expenses for additional equipment (you only need a camera, monitor, and Internet). Attach a sticker stating that there is video surveillance, and that’s it. The system is ready.

You can choose a free plan, where recordings from cameras are stored in the cloud storage for 24 hours, or pay 2.99 USD and get access to the “Premium plan.” The video analytics function is also available to you. More information about tariffs is at https://faceter.cam/en/tariffs.

Instead of a conclusion

Video surveillance, to avoid problems with the law, is better to make public. And if you do not want to invest in equipment, then use the intelligent monitoring service from Faceter.

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Alexander Weber

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