5 most persistent misconceptions regarding home security

5 most persistent misconceptions regarding home security

Thanks to modern technology, it is easy to cover such a basic human need as ensuring the home’s safety. However, many people are prone to delusion, deny progress, and as before, rely only on metal bars on the windows, double lock doors and guard dogs. Are you wondering what keeps people captivated by delusion? Read on.

Home security system elements

When setting up a home security system, it is advisable to use:

  • central alarm system;
  • sensors for windows and doors;
  • motion sensors;
  • locks and access rights system;
  • environmental sensors;
  • information signs and stickers;
  •  video filming equipment, including online video surveillance.

Why do you need a home video surveillance system?

Globally, all goals and objectives of video surveillance for home can be divided into two categories:

  1. Ensuring security.
  2. Monitoring the quality of work performed.

In that case, if we talk about security, then video surveillance contributes to:

  • increasing overall situational awareness by recording it;
  • the entrance control and access to the dwelling;
  • guarding over the protection of valuable possessions;
  • “looking after” children, elderly, sick relatives and pets.

If the house has staff (temporary and/or permanent), then using video equipment, you can observe and monitor the quality of the work performed. We can talk about nannies, builders, repairers and other specialists who may be in your house for a long time.

Novelties and trends in video surveillance for the home

Cloud-based home video surveillance based on IP cameras or mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) is a trend that is gaining momentum. Today, home video surveillance is a public service that you can get for free. Check out the rates.

The simplest solution in 2021 for the mass consumer will be remote video surveillance via the phone and the Internet Faceter.

TOP 5 common consumer misconceptions

The main misconceptions of consumers sound like this:

  • It is expensive, troublesome.
  • There will be false alarms.
  • We always have someone in our house.
  • A dog guards our apartment.

Let’s take a closer look.

It is expensive

Stereotypes rule the masses, so most ordinary people in Russia are sure that a security system and video monitoring for the house is available exclusively to wealthy people. This was at the beginning of the video surveillance market formation. Today, to organize a home system, you do NOT need to:

  • purchase expensive equipment, including servers for data storage, recorders, hard drives. Home security cameras are inexpensive today;
  • equip a special observation point;
  • hire an operator;
  • pay for the installation and setting up of the system.

The modern surveillance system fits in your pocket, in your mobile phone.

It is difficult

Until now, our contemporaries imagine that the creation of a security system and its use is a troublesome task. Many people think that the security complex works like this: before going to bed and leaving the house, you need to activate the alarm through the operator, and if a pet or a family member accidentally turns it on, then the hassle will become even more significant.

The installation of surveillance cameras seems to many to be simply an unrealistic task: to buy, adjust, install software, record and monitor, and ensure the safety of the archive.

In fact, these worries are in the past. Read the article “Video surveillance via telephone: 4 principles of organization.

False alarms

Few have come across, but everyone is afraid of false alarms at home.

Modern integrated systems with video surveillance protect the object from false alarms by visual assessment of the events that have occurred. In this case, we can talk about a significant increase in the speed of response and prompt intervention of the relevant structures.

Someone is always at home

Even if you work remotely or other family members are in the house (for example, retirees), this does not mean that the house is guarded and intruders will not get into it.

Also, being at home all the time dulls vigilance and gives false confidence in protection. Statistics say that every 10th apartment burglary in Russian cities is carried out due to the owner’s fault: one forgets to lock the doors. And to commit a burglary, a criminal needs only 10-15 minutes, for example, when the owner went to a nearby store.

We have a dog

“We don’t need a defence system; we have a watchdog!” – such a statement is not uncommon in 2021.

A dog can act as a deterrent but cannot compete with a modern security and video monitoring system:

  • it can be quickly neutralized. A dog might get hurt;
  • it cannot call the police;
  • it cannot tell what the perpetrator looked like and help with the investigation of the incident;
  • it cannot be used as evidence in court.

You can read about all the myths and misconceptions in the article “Video Surveillance via the Internet: 5 Facts You Should Know About.


The dividend from your investment in home security and video surveillance will be the peace of mind for your home, households, and property protection. Today, you can pick up many available solutions to protect your home and family, including remote and mobile ones.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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