9 types of video analytics systems-2022 + 3 Faceter features

Today, video analytics in video surveillance is widely used in a variety of applications. It makes monitoring more intelligent and “attentive”, excluding human factors from the control process. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at video analytics and tell about the top-of-the-line video surveillance service Faceter. 

Video analytics in video surveillance?  Interpretation of 2022

Video analytics systems are a promising IT trend that never stops developing. Analysts boldly state that intelligent monitoring is a trend to at least 2026. Read more in the article: “The video surveillance market 2026: forecasts, analytics, drivers”. 

But the capabilities of AI-based video cameras can vary depending on the type of system. Let’s take a deeper look at the topic. 

9 types of video analytics system

Video analytics is currently divided into 9 different types: 

  1. Business analytics. Suitable for monitoring and managing an organization where you need to assess the labor efficiency of employees and optimize work processes. Also, data analysis can be aimed at capturing customer behavior, this will help strengthen marketing. 
  2. High-quality video analytics. Usually, image clarity is not so important for data analysis. This type of analytics is suitable for HD video surveillance systems. 

You can find out what quality you need in our article: “4K and 8K camcorders. Why are they needed in the video analytics system?“. 

  1. Biometric analysis. It is applied mostly for face recognition, access control, and access control systems. Biometrics creates a “black” and “white” lists of faces, on the basis of which conducts a comparative analysis of persons caught in the camera lens. 
  2. Video analytics for production control. In this case, artificial intelligence helps to monitor the quality and productivity level of an enterprise. 
  3. License plate recognition. Such cameras have long been known to the Russian market. They are the ones that monitor traffic violations in cities. Read more
  4. Situation analysis. Cameras are used to record suspicious situations involving people or vehicles. For example, violation of the ban on parking on private property, theft, fraud at the cash register, etc. 
  5. Alarms on the violation of the video surveillance itself. Cameras are not only exposed to external negative interference, the problem can occur inside the device itself. For example, an alarm will notify in the case of a picture flare, dirty lens, disconnection from power supply or damage. 
  6. Multi-camera analysis. Suitable for large sites where several monitoring devices are installed throughout the site. Thus it is possible to get the trajectory of object movement along the perimeter. 
  7. Perimeter Analytics. Needed for protection of large territories as well as for detection of intrusion beyond the object boundaries. 

With such a variety of systems, each user can find analytics that will solve narrowly focused problems in a particular situation. 

3 camera and smartphone features with Faceter

Faceter is a mobile, cloud-based video surveillance system that does not require any bulky equipment. All information from the cameras is saved in the cloud server and is reliably protected there against hacking. Thanks to this, the user does not need to buy additional hard drives, etc. 

To connect the system you only need two cell phones or IP-cameras in the proper quantity and a smartphone. 

One phone will be a pocket monitor with instant notification in case of suspicious situations or violations. The other smartphone or IP device will be a camera. Both devices connected to the Faceter service turn into an intelligent monitoring system. 

Let’s take a look at Faceter’s main functions. 

Face recognition

The most necessary feature in video analytics today is Face ID. As part of the service, the user will be able to: 

  • automatic compilation of “white” and “black” lists of visitors; 
  • counting of unique, regular and new customers; 
  • customizable online notifications for necessary situations; 
  • flexible API for implementation in BigData systems; 
  • classification of visitors by gender, age; 
  • easy and fast automatic search for the right videos with people’s faces. 

Time tracking

The biggest problem with businesses is that 60% of profits are lost specifically because of employees who don’t fulfill their obligations. This is primarily due to staff being absent from the workplace. 

Faceter will help you track the presence of employees in customers in specified areas. For example, in your mobile app you will see how long and how many customers were standing around waiting for the receptionist or salesperson. And you can also find out how many customers left due to long absences of staff. 

As part of the time tracking, you’ll get: 

  • The minute-by-minute time in each area that was spent waiting for a customer employee; 
  • work time details; 
  • quick search for the necessary records;
  • notifications in case of deviations from the established norm. 

Service quality control

The second cause of lost profits is employee non-compliance with the service standard. For example, at Amazon, video analytics is already responsible for the hiring and firing of employees. 

In Russia, service quality control by smart systems has also become available. Thanks to the Faceter application, you will know: 

  • the visitor’s emotions in the process of communicating with an employee; 
  • how conflicts between customers and staff are resolved; 
  • how your employees greeted and said goodbye to your visitors; 
  • what exactly is offered by the employee to the customers, whether he/she lists current promotions, tells about special offers, etc;
  • what service rules were violated, etc. 


Video analytics is the future of video surveillance. Thanks to it many business tasks have been automated, eliminated human factor, accelerated and increased in quality. Faceter service provides all the above features at budget tariffs. Expensive and technically complex data analytics is a thing of the past. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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