Patient care at home. How does video surveillance help?

Patient care at home. How does video surveillance help?

As we get older, our relatives require more care and attention. They may even need round-the-clock care. But not everyone can devote enough time or hire a nurse. What to do then? Today we will tell you about the functionality and benefits of a video camera at home.

Video monitoring capabilities

Today, video surveillance has intellectual capabilities and can:

  • watch what is happening in the house 24/7;
  • notify in case of detection of alarm events. For example, a patient has fallen and needs attention. An alert arrives instantly on the operator’s phone;
  • provide remote control and access control. All settings can be adjusted, and you can get archives of records anywhere in the world;
  • show a clear picture in minimal lighting at night.

And if you still have doubts about the need for a camera to monitor a sick family member, read the article  “5 most persistent misconceptions regarding home security systems.

Do you need cameras if you have hired staff?

By hiring a home care provider, you let a stranger into your house. At the same time, you entrust one with the life of a relative.

As practice shows, sooner or later, setting up surveillance cameras arises for every second family where hired personnel work.

And it’s not about the poor work of the nurses at all, but about the issue of trust. Intelligent monitoring will additionally help to:

  • monitor the work of domestic staff;
  • notify in case of alarming behavior of nurses (shouts, sudden movements, etc.);
  • monitor the preservation of material values ​​in the house;
  • resolve conflict situations with a nurse, neighbors, family members.

Installation specifics

Home security camcorders are simple. They do not need additional professional functions and elements, as for business or monitoring large objects. An IP camera, a cloud service for storing data, and a monitor, which can be an ordinary phone, are quite enough.

How to save money? Faceter solution

To make video surveillance for your home cheap, you need to move away from buying unnecessary equipment and take a closer look at modern solutions.

Faceter service is:

  • universal. A smartphone and an IP camera are suitable for monitoring people;
  • easy. Installation of the system will take 15 minutes. You need to install the Faceter app on two phones, one of which will be a camera and the other a monitor;
  • free. You can choose a free or paid plan, depending on the required functionality.

For more information about video surveillance via the phone, read “Remote video surveillance via the phone and the Internet” and “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera.


If your relative needs constant help and care, then immediately install “smart” surveillance cameras. They will help you be in continuous contact with the patient, check the work of nurses, and respond in time to alarming situations.

And in order not to overpay, choose video surveillance from Faceter.

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