Baluns for video surveillance – what is it? 3 kinds + purpose

Video surveillance baluns are very popular in systems with analog cameras and digital recorders. They have their own advantages and open other possibilities of functioning for monitoring. In this article, we will explain what they are and why baluns are needed.

Definitions and Terminology

A balun is a device that transmits a standard twisted pair signal along with a coaxial cable.  

Why do we need baluns? 

You can buy a balun for video surveillance in order to balance the video signal. This protects the security system from interference and noise by a certain percentage. 

3 types of baluns

The first and most popular option – Balun-V. This balun sends data back to the DVR and additionally powers the devices. 

The second option – Balun PTZ. This equipment is designed only for PTZ cameras. Balun requires crimping the RJ45 connector to all ends of a Cat5e cable. 

The third option – Balun-P. This device is similar to the Balun-V, but it cannot support a surveillance power supply. 


Analog video surveillance has its own disadvantages. First of all, it is a large list of costs for its organization and maintenance. Secondly, the wires can limit the distance over which the signal is transmitted. Because of this, you may need to extend the cable

Traditional video surveillance requires a lot of unnecessary costs and time for installation and further maintenance. That is why it is leaving the market, giving way to cloud services and IP video surveillance. 

A popular alternative to analog control is the service from Faceter. To install video control of this brand will require:

  • 2 phones or 1 smartphone and an IP camera. One device will act as a camera and the other as a monitor;
  • stable internet with a WiFi hotspot;
  • payment of tariff. The average price is 300 rubles per month.

Read more about the organization in the article: “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera“. 


Baluns for video surveillance are necessary if the system works in analog mode. Coaxial cable can expose monitoring to unnecessary interference, due to which the efficiency of the system decreases. 

Baluns can help optimize performance. However, the disadvantages of analog surveillance compared to digital are not going anywhere. That’s why IP equipment is so popular on the market. It does not cost much and is equipped with artificial intelligence, which turns an ordinary camera into a “smart” surveillance mechanism. 

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