Centralized management of branches. 4 basic postulates

Centralized management of branches. 4 basic postulates

How to open new branches of the company and control them remotely? Many problems and difficulties arise that are not easy to cope with without the help of specialized programs and services. This article will talk about centralized management of branch offices, which will allow you to control remote points without unnecessary difficulties.

Difficulties of remote control

The whole point of the difficulty of remote control is that it is remote. Therefore, it isn’t easy to control the work of a separate branch distantly. You can often face the following problems:

  • theft of money and property;
  • fraud, corruption;
  • poor motivation of employees, due to which there is a low quality of service, weak sales.

As a result: the branch performs poorly, the department is closed. And all because it is impossible to find out the actual reasons for poor performance remotely without special tools.

Transfer of control to the administrator and video control system

Usually, a separate person is hired to supervise the operation of the branch. Top manager or deputy. But this insignificantly solves the problems, since a person requires extra costs from the company, does not exclude the human factor, and can create new problems.

We offer a modern IT solution. It’s not enough to keep track of income and expenses. Remote control of company management implies numbers and supervision of employee KPIs and the implementation of weekly, monthly plans.

Four postulates of centralized branch management

The IT solution implies control over the work of branches through remote video surveillance with video analytics. The popular smart monitoring service Faceter meets these characteristics.

The service can recognize faces, classify people according to specific lists, monitor the performance of employees’ work duties, and much more. Read more about Faceter’s capabilities here.

So, the well-established centralized management system consists of 4 points.

Working time control

With the daily supervision of the work of employees, you can notice that some:

  • spend a lot longer than their intended time for lunch;
  • leave work earlier than prescribed;
  • spend their working time on personal duties (calls, social networks, and more).

Faceter will help establish monitoring of the presence of personnel in specified places, calculate the time spent purely on work and present the details of this segment.

In case of deviations from the specified norms, the system immediately notifies the operator.

Control of work regulations

Compared to the loss of profit, theft, and fraud, discipline within the company seems like a small thing. But you can make a logical connection:

If an employee breaks the rules, one works worse; productivity indicators fall, plans are not fulfilled. Consequently, the profit of the branch decreases.

Therefore, it is so important to monitor the conscientious execution of discipline at work. A surveillance camera with remote access will help. It will notice if staff are late, skip working hours, mistreat customers, and more. But the most important thing is that the device will detect and notify about the violation. 

“Smart” algorithms record deviations and the head of the company or one’s deputy will see problems in employees’ work.

Read more about the monitoring capabilities in the article: “Beyond Good and Evil: Lack of Time Control.

Checkout area control

Cash thefts and frauds go hand in hand with almost every business out of control. There are a colossal number of fraudulent schemes, but the result is the same – a decrease in the company’s profits.

So that employees do not even try to embezzle part of the cash from the cash register, it is not necessary to hire a separate person-controller but install “smart” surveillance cameras. They will analyze what is happening every minute and sound the alarm in case of an error.

For the scheme of implementing control of cash register areas, read the article: “Control of cash transactions: TOP-7 types of fraud and errors at the cash register“.

Service control

There are two companies. One has five branches, and the other has one small central office. Which organization do you think gets the most profit? That’s right: the one with the best service.

Quality is a guarantee of customer loyalty. Therefore, you can invest millions of rubles in branches, but if employees communicate rudely with clients, all investments will be unprofitable.

The artificial intelligence on which the Faceter surveillance service is built analyzes:

  • time spent by the employee on customer service;
  • the quality of the meeting, farewell to the client;
  • conversation of staff, intonation. Did the employee speak rudely, sluggishly?
  • emotions experienced by the client in the process of service;
  • average waiting time, etc.

As a result, the company owner knows exactly how many customers were lost, why, and how much money was lost.

More information is here: “Video analytics: service quality control.”


Durig the information technology century, all large businesses need to use IT technologies, namely “smart” video surveillance. After all, the remote control will not bring 100% of the result if it is not permanent. Periodic inspections do nothing more than one day’s hard work of employees for their superiors. Use modern Faceter cloud video surveillance for ease of monitoring.

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Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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