Scheme of video cameras placement in the store: 2 secrets + 2 mistakes

Cameras in public places are already commonplace. But not everyone understands the vastness of the monitoring functionality. Usually, video cameras in a store are perceived as a tool for monitoring a situation.

The scope of observing devices application сan be wider. We will talk about this and the layout of video cameras in retail premises in the article.

Why do you need a video surveillance system in a store?

Why do you need a video surveillance system in a store?

The list of video shooting possibilities in stores is limited only by the selected equipment and arrangement. Therefore, we recommend that before purchasing and installing equipment, develop a project for a surveillance system. Read more in the article: “Video surveillance project design. Everything you need to know.

CCTV cameras with a record in the store will help:

For more details about the advantages of installing video surveillance in a store, read our article: “Video control of a retail outlet”.

Arrangement of video cameras at a point of sale

As mentioned above, the project, which will include a diagram of how to install video cameras in a store, will expand the functionality of the equipment. Therefore, not to “kill” the system during installation, we will reveal a few secrets.

Subtleties of installation

There is one fundamental rule that may seem logical, but in practice, you can skip it. Cameras should be installed so that there are no “blind spots.” The best option is when images from two adjacent cameras seem to overlap each other, overlapping the joints.

This will help create an effective system in which monitoring will be continuous.

2 secrets

There are two secrets that will help you get the most out of your video surveillance business:

  1. Zoning. A large area of ​​the store should be made for the following zones:
  • increased danger;
  • general use;
  • technical;
  • places of goods storage, property, and other valuable things;
  • cash registers.
  1. For each zone, you need to use different types of cameras.

These two secrets are interconnected. For example, to monitor large open areas, you will need long-range cameras with IR illumination. In contrast, warehouse (technical) premises need black and white cameras to shoot in a confined space. And, for example, it is better to entrust the control of checkout areas to a device with detail and zoom effect.

2 errors

But it is not enough to install the cameras; you still need to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. You can not mask video surveillance, not put up notice plates and install hidden cameras. Read more about legal liability for such a violation in the article: “Wireless micro surveillance camera”.
  2. Refusal from video analytics. If there are ordinary cameras in the store, the monitoring efficiency will decrease due to the human factor and inconsistent vigilant control. As a result, a high percentage of wrongdoing will go unnoticed, and the lack of a lot of valuable marketing information leads to a loss of profit.

Faceter for the store

“Intelligently pumping” an existing video surveillance system is an expensive solution, moreover if the equipment is outdated.

We offer a cloud-based video monitoring and analytics service that notices even the slightest deviations from the norm. Faceter for a store is:

  • control of work, service, and the presence of personnel in the workplace;
  • visitors count and their classification according to the specified parameters;
  • indefinite storage of video material in the cloud;
  • alarm notifications in real-time;
  • ease of scaling the system;
  • Face ID function + compilation of black and white lists of visitors.

Read more about the functionality of the service with video analytics here

Results and conclusions

Video control of a store is an integral part of the trading business. But for the system to live up to expectations, you need a modern and efficient solution. The cloud service from Faceter gives you all the analytics capabilities at budget rates.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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