Video control of a retail outlet: pavilion, kiosk, boutique

Video control of a retail outlet: pavilion, kiosk, boutique

A surveillance camera for a retail outlet (a stand-alone small retail space on the territory of a shopping centre) is a production necessity. It is difficult to argue with this statement. Only not every user knows about all the advantages that one network cloud video camera can provide. This publication has been written about how to choose the right video equipment for a small retail outlet.

Benefits of one video camera for business

Doing business through retail is always risky. At the same time, without modern means of control and communication, it is difficult for an entrepreneur to provide a high level of service quality. After all, sellers can be inattentive and deliberately careless, the safety of the goods is questionable, the competition is as high as possible, and the buyer is sophisticated and fastidious.

One installed video camera solves several tasks:

  1. Safety assurance:
  • situational monitoring;
  • prevention of theft and fraud by employees during sales and accountancy;
  • control over the safety of goods and their damage;
  • resolving conflicts and disputes between employees and customers;
  • maintaining VIP and “black” lists of clients;
  • instant notification to the operator about events.
  1. Collecting marketing statistics through video analytics:
  • point passability;
  • conversion rates;
  • quantitative counting;
  • classification of visitors;
  • customer service specification. 

Details are on the website

  1. Service improvement:
  • control of working time and its quality use by employees;
  • quality control of service and compliance with trade regulations;
  • monitoring the emotions of visitors.
CCTV camera security in a shopping mall with supermarket blur background.

Principles of the video surveillance organization

Video surveillance of a retail outlet, because of its specificity, must comply with four principles:

  • mobility;
  • simplicity;
  • remote control capabilities;
  • integration with the Internet and cloud storage since there is no possibility of storing a video archive in place.

If you are afraid of cyberattacks of the cloud space, read the article “Cloud storage and the fear of hacking. 6 possible system threats”.

Disadvantages of video surveillance at a boutique

Like any system, video surveillance of a boutique has several disadvantages:

  1. It requires additional financial costs.
  2. You may need related equipment (even if we are talking about a wireless camcorder).
  3. It requires a stable internet connection. And the absence of an actual IP address makes it impossible to view the video archive.
  4. There may be “blind spots” and interference with the wrong choice of equipment and unprofessional installation.
  5. Cameras can psychologically annoy customers and employees.

What to pay attention to when choosing a video camera?

We recommend focusing on such parameters and conditions as:

  • the degree of protection, taking into account where the cameras will be installed (outdoors or indoors);
  • the need for the night vision option;
  • the possibility of carrying out communications in the room;
  • lighting;
  • colour rendition and image detailing capabilities;
  • presence/absence of a built-in microphone. Read the article “Video surveillance with sound. The quality factor“;
  • presence/absence of a built-in memory card;
  • Internet access;
  • duration of the archive record.

Five expert tips

Five crucial tips from experts on furnishing small outlets:

  1. If we are talking about a pavilion in a shopping centre, then choose domed video cameras. They are compact but provide the broadest possible coverage.
  2. Install additional mini security cameras on out-of-the-box containers and open racks.
  3. If you need to zoom in / out the image within the framework of your business, then purchase video cameras with a varifocal or transfocal lens. In the first case, the camera is controlled manually, and in the second one, remotely.
  4. In the checkout area, a digital camera with sound recording with good resolution is required. It will allow you to control the process of communication with buyers and the behaviour of the seller.
  5. A pavilion should be equipped with a camera with the image’s colour transmission and black and white cameras in the auxiliary and warehouse premises. It is affordable and economical.


More and more often, the owners of trade kiosks think about organizing a video surveillance system most economically (without buying video cameras, additional equipment, without installation and commissioning costs).

This option exists and has been generally available since 2019.

You can create a complete remote video monitoring system using two mobile devices and the free Faceter app.

You will need no more than 15 minutes to organize video surveillance:

  • make an audit of the existing phones. You need two devices with a working processor, a screen, a charging socket, an Internet connection and a video camera from 1.3 MP;
  • install one phone in the surveillance area, and the second will work as a monitor;
  • download the application on both devices (from the App Store or the Google Play store);
  • choose a cloud storage plan.

The system is ready for use at no additional cost.


Any retail outlet needs video surveillance. It ensures the safety of the facility and quick communication with the operator (owner). Camcorders are impartial and objective. With a competent business organization, one video camera can replace the staff (administrators, managers, security services) and bring financial benefits.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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