TOP 6 reasons to buy a camera for fishing

TOP 6 reasons to buy a camera for fishing

Is a fishing camera a useful gadget or just another toy? Is it advisable to buy an echo sounder? Is it worth spending money on innovative developments, or is it better to fish in the old fashioned way, as fathers and grandfathers did? Let’s figure it out together, here and now.

How a fishing camera works

The main difference between the underwater camera for fishing and its “land” counterparts is a waterproof case and integrated lighting with special LEDs. They significantly improve the sensor’s sensitivity and, therefore, overall visibility even in dark water. That is why the fisherman receives up-to-date data on fish at a certain depth of the reservoir, bottom topography and water temperature.

As a rule, an underwater fishing camera consists of a mini video camera, a display and a control unit. The video broadcasts in real-time using powerful signal receivers. In this case, communication between the camera and the display can be carried out via cable and wireless technologies.

It also uses a compass and wire spools to avoid tangles and helps you to move the camera to the desired depth quickly.

Video camera or echo sounder. How to make the right decision?

The principle of underwater equipment operation:

  • detection of fish/fish schools in the water column;
  • study of the bottom relief;
  • selection of a favourable area for fishing.

What does the echo sounder give?

The use of the echo sounder gives the possibility of observing symbols, arcs and curved lines, from which one can only guess about the presence of fish. At the same time, the video camera clearly identifies fish and bottom parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The supporters of fishing cameras are those fishermen who are focused not only on sports interest but also on the event’s effectiveness.

The following factors may be disadvantages:

  • the high cost of the device;
  • the need for specific management skills;
  • design features of different models (lack of a sun visor, stand, light / heavy weight, tight buttons, problems with autofocus, etc.).

Whether it is worth considering unknown manufacturers from well-known Chinese websites or not is written in the article “9 reasons why you should not buy video surveillance on AliExpress.”

TOP 6 reasons to buy a video camera for fishing

Experts point out six main reasons for buying a video camera for fishing, namely:

  1. Saving time by determining the presence or absence of fish in the reservoir and specific area.
  2. Effective selection of depth, relief and tackle for fishing.
  3. Determination of water temperature, which is especially important for winter fishing. The ice fishing camera has a built-in thermometer.
  4. The available research on fish behaviour depending on fishing tactics and a variety of baits. Possibility to conduct a quick analysis of the situation.
  5. A chance to catch a specific trophy fish.
  6. Taking pictures of the process and getting exciting shots. For a similar purpose, users install video surveillance for pets, while interesting records can be used for commercial purposes.

What camera should you choose?

 The criteria for choosing a quality spearfishing camera can be:

  • the sensitivity of the matrix, which directly affects the quality of the final image. The higher the sensitivity, the clearer the picture on display;
  • resolution + display size. High values of these parameters characterize a good camera;
  • technical immersion capabilities. The deeper the maximum permissible depth indicated in the technical characteristics of the device, the more reliable its waterproofing body is;
  • optimal illumination. In this case, the “optimal” lighting will be the one that gives a high-quality image in dark water but will not frighten potential prey;
  • the angle of perception or broad view. At a large angle, the view increases, but the quality of the picture deteriorates. If there is a need for a large view, then it is advisable to choose a case with two devices but with a smaller view of each of them. If we are talking about a “land” camera, then pay attention to the focal length;
  • the ability to record video. Different models can broadcast online or record material to drives (external or built-in). Also, consider the cloud-based video recording model.


A fishing camera, which you can buy at any sports and fishing store, can be a useful device. Fishermen are inherently passionate people, and many of them prefer to keep up with the fishing industry’s progress. If it is something you do not like, this is your choice. Then you might be interested in learning about robots with built-in video cameras.

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