Video surveillance for the apartment: 5 answers to the question “why”?

Video surveillance systems are widely used in different spheres of human activity. Many people use monitoring for business, but increasingly popular is the decision to buy video surveillance for an apartment.

Why do you need video surveillance for an apartment? 

Video surveillance for the apartment has non-obvious benefits mostly, which now we will talk about:

  1. Video baby monitor. You no longer need to buy separate equipment for monitoring young children. Video baby monitor from Faceter will remotely look after your baby and the babysitter’s work if they are left unsupervised. 
  2. Video monitoring of the ambiance with recording. While you’re not home, the smart camera will record everything in the cloud and give you a notification if any disturbances are detected. For example, when unwanted people enter. 
  3. On-street vehicle monitoring. Accidents and property damage are not uncommon in parking lots and yards. To keep your car, motorcycle, bicycle, and other vehicles under control, install video surveillance on the window. 
  4. Pets’ behavior monitoring. If your pet is going through a difficult separation, video surveillance will help you minimize the consequences. 
  5. Help in the search for a criminal. In an autonomous system, motion sensors detect an intruder or irregular situation and transmit a notification to the owner of the apartment and the rapid response authorities (police, EMERCOM).

What if there is an alarm system in the apartment? 

Nowadays, apartments often have alarm systems installed that send a signal to the security desk in case of burglary or intrusion by intruders. A rapid response brigade arrives in a few minutes. 

It is not always possible to catch the culprit. Home video surveillance will record the offense and help identify the offender. 

A great option would be to combine an alarm system already installed in the apartment with a video surveillance system. The capabilities of both systems (smart surveillance and alarm system) enhance home security.

Technological capabilities of Faceter system

Today installation of video surveillance in an apartment is easier and cheaper than ever. Technological advances that have led us to cloud monitoring have contributed to this. 

A great example of the symbiosis of the latest technology and usability for individuals is smart mobile video surveillance from Faceter. 

Its features:

  • either an IP device or a regular mobile phone can act as a camera;
  • there is video analytics capable of recording security breaches and face recognition; 
  • Faceter can be combined with other home security systems;
  • easy and fast installation of video surveillance without additional investment;
  • secure data storage in the cloud, to which only the owner has access;
  • remote monitoring in a real-time mode.  

Individuals can take advantage of the free rate or expand it to the functionality they need. For more information follow the link


The development of the video surveillance market contributes to the creation of comprehensive security systems that meet the challenges in any sphere of human activity.   

The Faceter service is a video surveillance system you can keep in your pocket. The smart functionality will cover any need of the most sophisticated user.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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