What to choose: P2P or cloud camera? Differences and advantages

What to choose: P2P or cloud camera? Differences and advantages

Video surveillance is increasingly being used at home. Cameras are often needed for temporary monitoring of housing, summer cottages, or pets during departure. In this case, simple and inexpensive equipment will do. In this article, we will look at the pros of 2 options: P2P and cloud camera.

Purpose of the home camcorder

IT technologies are developing, and today it is possible to put not just a camera, but an “intelligent” all-seeing eye into the house. It will observe, analyze the situation and notify in case of detecting a suspicious problem.

A home surveillance system will allow:

The functions of a home surveillance system are uncountable, and they are limited only by the owner’s imagination.

2 solutions: P2P and cloud camera

For house, 2 cameras are perfect:

  • P2P is a system that has a direct connection between the camera and the application installed on the owner’s phone;
  • cloud service is the leading technology of the 21st century. In this system, video recordings are stored on a remote service, which can be accessed through a mobile application. Viewing materials are available only to the owner because only one has an access code.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the systems.

Differences between systems

The main difference between the systems is in the software. It is the built-in software that is responsible for analytics, motion recording, notifications, and transmission of voice messages through the built-in speaker.

Chinese manufacturers of P2P video cameras specialize in low-cost mass production; the focus is on the minimum coverage of the customer’s needs. Their basic software is always complementary to cameras.

On the other hand, Cloud systems are more attentive to their software since this is the main niche of their business. There are also free offers, but you will have to buy more video surveillance software for more functionality of video surveillance software. For example, in this case, integration with a smart home will be available.

Is it worth it to complicate your life by Chinese cameras?

Although Chinese cameras have a basic package, there can be more problems with them than advantages. For example, read our article “9 reasons why you shouldn’t buy video surveillance on AliExpress,” and you will understand everything.

If you need an inexpensive and straightforward camera for your home, we recommend taking a closer look at the video surveillance “cloud” from Faceter.

To create a monitoring system, you need an IP camera or a regular old smartphone that turns into a surveillance device. As a monitor, you can use a smartphone, PC, or other devices to which you can download the mobile application.

You can watch videos online via the Internet. You can learn more about the intelligent functionality of Faceter here.

But the most crucial advantage of the cloud system is the absence of additional equipment and automatic system updates.

Summing up

Even if temporary and straightforward home monitoring is required, this is not a reason to buy Chinese equipment. Professional video monitoring is developing and becoming more and more accessible to the mass consumer.

Faceter cloud video surveillance for home will allow you to protect your property and the lives of your household, wherever you are.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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