Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance: 3 advantages for users

Video surveillance technology is evolving, and today it is used in many different areas. And in order to improve the efficiency of security systems, developers have come to the implementation of artificial intelligence in video surveillance. Let’s talk about the path the technology has taken and the benefits it brings to its users in this article.

The evolutionary path of video analytics 

Earlier video analysis was performed by a human, but today this task is undertaken by artificial intelligence. And this technology imitates human learning. This gives video surveillance the ability to productively detect and identify objects based on increased exposure to information. 

AI technology

The software has evolved to process images, identify individuals, and classify objects based on specified parameters and quickly search the database.   

This innovation has increased the efficiency of surveillance systems many times over. The operator used to be near the monitors 24/7 and look through the recordings to detect violations, but today everything happens automatically and the functionality has been expanded. 

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In-depth training

To avoid involving additional human resources and make the security system autonomous, intelligent surveillance with self-learning analytical algorithms was created. Such a complex can respond to an unlimited number of scenarios. 

Deep learning is a convention in which a machine is exposed to labeled data in order to learn to recognize the same information on new data sets. 

Based on quality hardware infrastructure, deep learning technology can accelerate analytical output, improve performance and increase accuracy in detecting violations. 

3 advantages for users

Based on the above features of video surveillance and video analytics, the following benefits for end users can be identified: 

  • Increased situational awareness at the facility, thanks to alarm notifications based on response settings; 
  • acceleration of crime investigation and facilitation of conflicts at the surveillance site; 
  • integration of thermal scanners, security sensors, and other auxiliary devices that increase security at the site. 

AI in Faceter

Despite the benefits that artificial intelligence brings to monitoring systems, many users are still hesitant to adopt the technology. 

But Faceter is not like people’s ideas and breaks all the myths about “smart” surveillance. The service has affordable tariffs starting from 0 rubles, and it is easy to implement the security system without the help of specialists. Read more about connection in the article: “What do I need to connect Faceter? Hardware requirements“. 

AI capabilities: 

  • Video analytics, face recognition, fixing suspicious situations, license plate identification, and other, which in general increases situational awareness at the facility; 
  • counting visitors;
  • introduction of “black” and “white” lists based on machine deep learning; 
  • controlling the work of employees, and much more. 

Read more about the functionality of the service at the link


Artificial intelligence in video surveillance helps to upgrade security systems, eliminating the human factor from control and analysis, and thus increasing the effectiveness of monitoring. The implementation of the technology does not require a large financial outlay by using Faceter. The service covers users’ needs for object identification and notifications in case of emergency situations. 

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Alexander Weber

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