Commercial Site Security Perimeter during Covid-19

In Russia, officially, the beginning of the pandemic is December 1, 2019, when the Government learned about the spread of new coronavirus infection in China. In April, however, our entire country went into self-isolation, and business fell off. 

That’s when the question of securing a perimeter for commercial sites during a pandemic arose. This article is a continuation of the topic “security perimeter: protection with thermal imaging and video analytics”. 


The issue of perimeter protection for commercial sites, which remain closed indefinitely, has become critical. Stores, catering, offices and other organizations need to leave their premises with merchandise closed. Because of this, burglaries have increased across the country. 

Hence the question arises as to what perimeter security system would work best for business owners in this situation. 


Evolution of perimeter security: from sensors to video analytics

In the past, security systems consisted of surveillance cameras and security sensors. But there was no analytics software. 

Next came the notification system, which sent alarm notifications to the security service. The technology blew up the market, but the false alarm rate was high. 

To succeed and reduce the rate of erroneous calls to security personnel, the software had to distinguish expected activity from suspicious behavior. Thus came the video analytics system that we still use today. 

Top 6 Types of Sensors

Technological solutions have evolved and thus created a huge variety of security sensors to meet different requirements. Now we will take a look at the top 6 types of security equipment: 

  • VMD. Sensor for closed rooms, not affected by external factors (for example: movement of cars or vegetation). The device captures movement in a closed area without additional security equipment; 
  • EAC. Access control at specified time intervals; 
  • inventory scanner. By linking the scanned inventory data with video surveillance material, merchandise accounting takes place; 
  • people tracking with Face ID. Analytics is suitable for open areas to monitor incoming visitors in a specific direction and time; 
  • intrusion sensors (through windows, doors, walls, ceilings and partitions). Capable of covering large spaces with minimum installation costs, minimizing the percentage of false alarms; 
  • control of gates, doors. The system has a video detector that monitors activity near the object of surveillance 24/7. 

Criteria for choosing sensors

To avoid problems in the security system, you need to choose perimeter protection sensors competently. But the first thing to do is to develop a system design, which will include video surveillance and other devices. Then follow the selection criteria: 

  • Determine the nature of all threats to the facility; 
  • to find access zones on the perimeter; 
  • decide what the final security system will look like and what elements it will consist of;
  • Consult with security experts about the choice of equipment. 

Such an approach will make it possible to create an effective security system for an object. 

Capabilities of video analytics during a pandemic 

During pandemics or due to physical impossibility to monitor the territory of the object closed for an indefinite period video analytics comes in handy. Let’s look at the capabilities of video analytics based on the example of Faceter cloud monitoring service: 

  • facial recognition
  • making “white” and “black” visitor lists; 
  • data analysis and online response to alarming events;
  • counting visitors and classifying them by age and gender; 
  • monitoring the presence of employees in the workplace; 
  • monitoring the quality of service and workflow;
  • recording files to cloud storage, without the need to buy hard drives, etc. You can compare the savings of digital and analog surveillance in the article at the link

But the most important advantage of video analytics during the pandemic for the owners of closed facilities is remote control of the security system and receiving instant notification of violations to the cell phone through the application. 

Read more about the service: “Faceter mobile app review. 7 main questions“. 


From 2 parts of articles about the security of commercial areas we can conclude the following: 

Video analytics is a necessary part of the security system for any site. It helps to remotely control the situation at the facility, without having to involve security staff or managers to control the work of personnel. 

Do you want to be sure 24/7 that your business is safe and operating properly? Connect remote monitoring with Faceter video analytics. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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