Novelty. Set from Xiaomi: a camcorder + a smart door lock

The development of technology and the market of video surveillance systems allow you to make video monitoring for the apartment simple and affordable. There are several options for online home surveillance: video intercom, video peephole, and smart home system. Let’s talk about home surveillance, home monitoring tasks, and take a brief look at Xiaomi’s outdoor home monitoring set.

Video surveillance at the front door 

A video camera and a smart lock are quite capable of ensuring the security of private property.

There is no single law in Russian law to regulate the legal norms of video surveillance. Provisions regarding the observance of the legality of video surveillance can be found in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Law on Personal Data, the Penal Code, and the Code of Administrative Offenses.

If we talk about video surveillance at the entrance to the apartment, then this is regarded as surveillance in a public place. The camera will record the faces of strangers, so certain requirements for the video recording process should be observed:

  1. You must collect written consent on the installation of video equipment from apartment owners (at least two-thirds of all owners).
  2. You must place an information sign on video surveillance in a visible place.
  3. You must appoint a person responsible for the safety of the video archive, access to viewing it, and keeping personal data of everyone who is on the filmed video.

The use, sale, or purchase of CCTV cameras is strictly prohibited. Violators face penalties ranging from a fine of 200 thousand rubles and above to imprisonment for 4 years.

Tasks of home video surveillance

Home video surveillance brings a lot of benefits for the user, which are difficult to overestimate. Let us define the main tasks that are solved with video surveillance in the apartment:     

  1. Surveillance of the environment. Not being home is not an excuse to stay in the dark about what’s going on in the dwelling. Video recording, intruder notification, and fire alarm are convenient functions of in-home surveillance. 
  2. Video monitoring of vehicles. A video camera on your window will record all the events taking place in the yard, including your movable equipment.
  3. Video baby monitor. Remote monitoring of children, their babysitters, elderly relatives, and hired staff is a function that is highly demanded. Pet owners are also actively taking advantage of the opportunity to watch their pets.   
  4. Assistance in solving a crime. The burglary and penetration of robbers will be recorded by the camera, which will promptly transmit a message to the owner and the police. More information is in the article “Investigation of events using video surveillance“. 

A set by Xiaomi

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has released a new video surveillance system for the home. The set includes a smart door lock and a wireless outdoor surveillance camera.

The technical features of the kit are quite attractive. The lock has 7 ways to open, smart unlocking (via multiple methods), mobile app and Bluetooth capabilities.  

The video camera has a wide view and resolution and supports WDR. The model with a battery can work in standalone mode for about 3 months. Night vision and the ability to detect people are available.

Aliexpress Cameras

Most people think that installing video surveillance means investing a lot of money and only big businessmen can afford video monitoring. For such users to buy a camera on Aliexpress is seen as the easiest and most budget-friendly way to get the ability to use the functionality of surveillance.   

Yes, the wide range and affordable price allow making such a purchase. But we should not be in a hurry. 

In addition to the technical side (unsuitable for installation, there is no guarantee while the operation), do not forget about the current legislation in Russia, which regulates a range of issues related to the process of video surveillance. Responsibility for the purchase and operation of a Chinese camera is entirely the responsibility of the Russian buyer. 

Ignorance of the nuances of the legislation can lead to criminal liability. By the way, the vast majority of all initiated criminal cases are operations to detain buyers when receiving a parcel. The Chinese seller in such a case remains on the sidelines of events.   


It is evident that anyone would like to secure their home as much as possible. Demand begets supply. Choose proven vendors and providers that operate within the laws of the Russian Federation. And smart and functional home video surveillance does not necessarily have to be expensive. There are options for 0 rubles

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Alexander Weber

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