“Smart” video surveillance camera: 6 features of installation

At the moment in the world, we are witnessing the shift from the standard video surveillance system to the multifunctional systems with built-in video analytics. But despite the active trend, many potential users of “smart” video surveillance cameras still do not understand its features and capabilities. 

What is a “smart” video camera? Advantages and use cases

“Smart” video camera is an ordinary camera, equipped with artificial intelligence and special software. This complex allows the video surveillance system to analyze the information received from surveillance cameras and: 

The main purpose of smart video surveillance is to control the situation by analyzing the received information in a large flow without the involvement of additional human effort. 

The advantages of smart devices also come from this. They remove the need for people to be around cameras 24/7 to monitor the environment. Video analytics will detect violations and notify the operator with 98% accuracy. This eliminates the need for guards, managers, etc. 

Built-in video analytics – what is it? 

Embedded video analytics is a neural network, a trained algorithm consisting of different elements, each responsible for color, size, volume, etc. All the elements together “see” and analyze the object as a whole according to all parameters. 

Here is an example. Because of the pandemic, “smart” devices began to be used to identify people who don’t wear masks. The cameras in this case record a person’s face, give a verdict “no mask” and record the violation, sending a signal to the operator. 

6 features of installing smart video cameras

Before you install video surveillance systems, you need to know that all the smart features of cameras can be ruined if you install the equipment incorrectly. 

Usually, IP PTZ devices are used for “smart” video control. Let’s talk about the main features of their installation: 

  • A sign-generator, if used, must work all the time; 
  • PTZ-cameras are used with auto-focus. It should be turned on and backlight compensation turned off; 
  • The device lens should not be illuminated by sunlight or artificial light. Otherwise, there will be blind spots in the image; 
  • if the camera operates 24 hours a day, the high depth of field is required in the daytime, and the subsequent adjustment is carried out at night; 
  • IR illumination is required for nighttime video surveillance; 
  • The lens should cover 90% of the area that is to be monitored. Anything unnecessary, such as the sky, neighboring buildings, and so on, should not get in the shot. Otherwise, the archive will be quickly filled up with “garbage” videos, and the important shots will not fit in. 

Is there an easier variant? Faceter

Just a few years ago, installing video surveillance cameras in an apartment or organization with built-in analytics was a luxury. But today, smart monitoring is available to everyone without large financial investments and difficult installation. 

Faceter is a cloud video surveillance system, distinguished by its simplicity, accessibility, multifunctionality, maximum cyber security and user-friendliness. 

Read a detailed history of the brand in the article: “Analysis of the Faceter smart surveillance system: in simple words about complex matters“.

All you need to do to implement analytics in your surveillance system is to install a cell phone as a camera and connect another smartphone as a monitor. Then connect the Faceter app on both devices and that’s it. Your smart surveillance system is ready. 


Embedded video analytics is a video surveillance trend for the next 5-10 years. Today there is a trend of general availability of smart monitoring for every user without big financial investments and complicated technical issues. Multifunctional video surveillance is already actively used in the market and is gaining people’s trust. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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