TOP 15 cool facts about video surveillance

TOP 15 cool facts about video surveillance

Today, in 2021, absolutely any person (for everyday life and business) can afford a video surveillance system, but it was not always this way. Even 30 years ago in Russia, a video camera was an attribute of a rich, foreign life, and the stereotype has remained to this day. It is also difficult to imagine that one modern video camera can replace the staff, the department of managers, marketers and psychologists. Still, even 100 years ago, there was no video surveillance at all.

From our article, you will learn interesting facts about video surveillance. TOP-15 awaits you. Please read to the end; it will be interesting.


What are Cool Facts? In our understanding, these are significant events in the process of the emergence and evolution of video surveillance system. These interesting facts have had, are and will have a considerable impact on contemporary life.

Our editorial staff created a unique TOP-15, in which a time interval of 107 years is involved (1913-2020).

First prototype

Did you know that video surveillance, as such, appeared thanks to the antics of convicted suffragists in 1913? In particular, Holloway needed photographs to maintain convicts’ dossier in the English prison for women and teenagers. 

Eighteen female prisoners refused to be photographed in every possible way: they grimaced and dodged the lens. After numerous attempts, the prison authorities decided to use remote photography. This process is the prototype and basis of modern video surveillance.

Almost 30 years

It took 29 years for the video surveillance to take on new shapes (although the topic did not come up or developed during these years). During the Great Patriotic War (1942) in Germany, it became necessary to monitor ballistic missiles’ launch remotely. German electrical scientist Walter Bruch invented the world’s first CCTV camera. Later his developments formed the basis of the world’s first analogue television. For information on connecting a camcorder to a TV, read the article “How to connect a camera to a TV in 7 steps? Detailed tutorial“.


At the dawn of the 50s of the XX century (in 1949) the British writer George Orwell published a science fiction novel “1984”, which described the massive use of video surveillance. Interestingly, the author began writing the book back in 1943, at a time when video surveillance did not exist.

Traffic light and video monitoring

“Magic mirror” or in German “Zauberspiegel” – this was the first street camera’s name. It was intended to monitor the traffic flow in Hamburg (1956) and switch traffic lights in manual mode. The operator was a policeman. You can read about how video monitoring is used in the modern transport system here

3 years for worldwide distribution

Within 3 years (from 1956 to 1959), video surveillance developed into a system for monitoring the increased road traffic and spread throughout the world.

Video surveillance as a method of combating crime

Americans found the answer to the question “how to fight crime with the help of video cameras”. In particular, in 1968, in the small town of Olien (New York, Cattaraugus County), a live broadcast from street cameras to a police station was held for the first time.

Probability theory in action

Experts agree that the installation of video surveillance helps reduce theft by 70%.

Events investigation with the help of video records due to terrorist threat is of global importance. Also, predictive security systems are created on the basis of artificial intelligence.

1 to 20

One panoramic camera can replace 20 conventional cameras.

Frequency of appearance in the frame in 2020

Sociologists have calculated that the average person hit the lens of video cameras 300 times a day last year (2020).

The largest number of cameras in the country

China is ahead in terms of “the largest number of cameras in the country” in general and in terms of the number of cameras per 1000 people:

  • Chongqing – 168 cameras / 1000 people;
  • Shengzhen city – 160 cameras / 1000 people;
  • Shanghai – 100 cameras / 1000 people

Russia took 3rd place in the ranking of countries

A study by the analytical agency TelecomDaily says that in 2020 Russia entered the top three countries in terms of the number of video cameras. More than 13.5 million cameras are installed in the Russian Federation. On average, there are 93 units of video recording equipment per person.

The following figures are noteworthy:

  • commercial enterprises installed 58.7% of cameras to ensure business security;
  • 32.5% are installed at the expense of the state budget to counter terrorism and control the traffic situation;
  • 8.5% are installed at the cost of individuals to ensure safety in the home and everyday life.

Cloud systems account for only 5% of the Russian video surveillance market.

The smallest camcorder in the world

The smallest camera “Ambertek RS101” (Taiwan) has the following characteristics:

  • weight – 11 g;
  • size in height and width – 2.5 * 2.5 cm;
  • video recording in colour and AVI format 640×480 30fps;
  • photography with a resolution of 720×480;
  • built-in battery and 32 GB memory card.

The most expensive camera on the Russian market

The most expensive camera is the Tachyon TVK-94 (AXIS P1355) outdoor network camera made in Russia. It costs more than 6.2 million rubles.

Emotion recognition

Modern intelligent video surveillance systems such as Faceter have vision, hearing and intelligence. In particular, cameras can read and analyze emotions on a person’s face. With the help of video recordings, a business person can find out what emotions the client experienced while communicating with the employee, what he felt while waiting (at the checkout, reception). It is known that negative emotions lead to low customer return and, as a result, to financial losses.

Is it free?

Yes, it is!

Two mobile devices (smartphones), a free mobile application Faceter and 20 minutes of free time – this is the whole list of things you need to get a full-fledged video surveillance system.

You can download the application in Google Play or App Store, taking into account the device’s operating system.

How to turn phones into a camera and a monitor, read the article “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera.

Welcome to the future!


We hope this article and our TOP-15 were useful and fun. In fact, the concept of “interesting cameras” is much broader and primarily related to robotics. Read the article “Interesting developments in video surveillance: an overview of innovative models.”

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