Video surveillance in amusement parks as a business investment

Video surveillance in amusement parks as a business investment

The theme parks are visited by thousands of people every day. The goal of any park is to give visitors unforgettable emotions and impressions while providing a feeling of complete safety.

The CCTV camera system is a critical factor in this matter. In this article, we will look at the benefits of remote monitoring for an amusement park business.

The specifics of the entertainment business

Opening an amusement park requires millions of dollars in start-up capital. And after starting a business, you need to recoup all investments. This requires not only the latest offers for visitors but also a powerful “smart” security system.

Modern amusement parks use video surveillance on side-shows to control property, parking lots, and exhibitions. And video analytics enhances the capabilities of the system.

Become safer and smarter

Theme parks are becoming more intelligent thanks to unique “smart” software.

Video analytics identifies objects, filters them, classifies, and reacts to suspicious incidents. In general, “smart” monitoring is capable to:

Let’s take a closer look at some of the capabilities of an intelligent security and video surveillance system.

Real-time response

All IP cameras work online. During the system’s initial setup, the operator sets the rules that reflect the “normal” behavior in the frame. And if the software detects a deviation from the fixed-rate, then the notification will come immediately.

Read more about analytics capabilities in our article: “Video Content Analysis. Running Real-Time Alerts“.

Data collection

The video system software not only analyzes the materials but also classifies and stores them. Thus, the aggregated data becomes heatmaps, analytics reports, and video surveillance health dashboards over time.

By leveraging previously unused data, operators can increase system efficiency.

Plans for the future

Thanks to video analytics, the collected marketing data can help a business build and refine promotion strategies for several years to come.

For example, the operator can view the level of attendance during the day or year and analyze the development trend. Or see the most popular side-shows and offers that attract visitors the most. This information will help you to plan the future.

Service improvement and work optimization

Smart monitoring can motivate staff to work better and follow all the rules.

For example, video analytics will record if an employee does not appear at his workplace for a long time or is rude to visitors. It is also possible to record cash fraud.

This is important for business development because the success of an amusement park depends not only on entertainment but also on the quality of service. 

Personalization of a commercial offer

Customer loyalty and the development of a personal brand are relevant in business today. A personal commercial offer can influence this. But how to understand what exactly a particular visitor likes?

A camera with Face ID comes to the rescue. Facial recognition is permitted, and with customer consent, parks track visitors’ activities. Based on the information received, you can understand the guest’s preferences and put forward a personal VIP offer to him.

Conclusions on the topic

Intelligent video analytics for the entertainment business can close the security issue and help in marketing development. Collecting personalized information about customers will strengthen the offer and make a breakthrough in the market.

Choose smart cloud systems for investment.

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