Video surveillance system. Non-standard use

Video surveillance system. Non-standard use

As the total number of video cameras in the world increases, video surveillance as a high-tech solution has begun to be used in atypical industries and situations. Today, you will not surprise anyone with video monitoring at parking, banks, shopping centres, beauty salons. But let’s talk about the non-standard use of video surveillance systems in life and business.

Non-standard use of video monitoring

Initially, the main task of video surveillance was to ensure the security of the facility. Gradually, video systems’ functions expanded to previously unknown horizons: they penetrated business, art, medicine, and entertainment. With modern intelligent video monitoring, it is possible to solve some of the marketing tasks and remotely control employees.


Video surveillance installed in museums must meet specific technical requirements to ensure the safety of exhibits. And video content analysis software like Faceter can solve a lot of fundamental business problems:

  1. Involvement of museum personnel in work and control over the implementation of work regulations. Details in the article “Video analytics: control of the work process.
  2. Control over cash transactions in the cashier and souvenir shop area.
  3. Obtaining up-to-date information about visitors’ behaviour, their movements in the halls, emotions, and interests.
  4. Collection of marketing data about visitors (their number, gender, age, face recognition).
  5. Optimization of the building.
  6. Investigation of emergencies.

Detailed information in the article “Video Analytics in the Museum. TOP-7 Benefits for the Museum Business“.


We can say that video cameras’ non-standard use is the key to obtaining a lot of information in any area without unnecessary interference. So, for example, the installation of video surveillance in a zoo allows you to:

  • protect property and personnel;
  • monitor the condition of animals and their welfare;
  • getting interesting shots and videos for social networks of zoos;
  • receiving alerts about suspicious activities of employees, visitors and the animals themselves.

To observe the inhabitants of zoos, it is advisable to use thermal imaging cameras‘ special equipment. The fact is that standard and IR illumination interferes and makes animals nervous. With thermal imagers, it becomes possible to monitor animal welfare and the environment without unnecessary intrusion.

Pets video monitoring

You can also use a CCTV camera for pets monitoring. Why is this needed?

TOP 5 advantages of video monitoring for pets:

  1. Awareness of the behaviour of an animal that is alone or unattended.
  2. Possibility of remote communication and training.
  3. Obtaining reliable information about the attitude of other family members and service personnel to the animal in the owner’s absence. It is necessary if the pet is experiencing fears, apathy and aggression.
  4. Opportunities for additional earnings on cool and funny footage/videos with animals in social media.
  5. An argumentation of disputes with neighbours if there are claims.

Details are in the article.

Automatic delivery systems

As a high-tech device, a two-way audio-video camera is most commonly used at gas stations. The cashier is outside the window. The network camera provides visual and audio communication between the petrol station visitor and the employee, creating a non-contact and personalized service approach.

Also, such auto-issue systems are used for recognition and automated fixation of license plates. Such data can be used in private business and government agencies.

Recognition of faces and emotions in the retail

Do you want to know the number of unique visitors?

What is the demographics of your target audience?

Do you have reliable information about the emotions client experienced while communicating with your employee?

Do you receive an alert when a highly valued client or person from the “black” list arrives at your facility?

If not, then you need face and emotion recognition from Faceter. More information is in the article “Maintaining Lists and Face Recognition: New Trends in Video Surveillance“.

In medicine

In one of Russia’s hospitals, a scientific experiment was carried out: devices for diagnosing diseases were synchronized with a video surveillance system. The result was the formation of a compressed data archive called “electronic medical history”. Accordingly, the digital data format is becoming mobile and easy to use.

You can read the rules for installing video surveillance in hospitals and clinics in Russia in this article.

In many countries globally, medical institutions are actively using video surveillance in intensive care units. The equipment allows you to monitor the patient’s condition remotely, and the relatives of a sick person can familiarize themselves with the situation in the ward at any time.


System video surveillance has become a part of our daily life and continues to strengthen its position. Today, video cameras perform not only a security function but also educational, entertainment, informational, marketing, treatment and preventive procedures. At the same time, the degree of public confidence in video surveillance is growing from year to year.

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Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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