The positive effect of video surveillance in beauty salons

The positive effect of video surveillance in beauty salons

The specificity of beauty salons is that the client should receive high-quality service and maximum comfort and safety. At the same time, within this article’s framework, I propose to combine under the definition of “beauty salons” all beauty sphere organizations (SPA, tan shops, hairdressers, barbershops, swimming pools and other beauty workshops).

Video surveillance for a beauty salon is a useful tool for business control and security. Let’s examine the topic in more detail.

3 main aims of video surveillance in beauty salons

The traditional function of video surveillance is to protect the object, ensure the safety of people (personnel and visitors), and property safety.

Optimization of the work of beauty salons implies using progressive methods of monitoring personnel’s work since the owner cannot ensure his permanent presence in the salon / salons. We recommend using cloud video surveillance for continuous monitoring.

Also, video surveillance helps to attract new customers and strengthen the close relationship between regular visitors and the salon.


“Forewarned is forearmed” is an expression that accurately describes the importance of video surveillance in beauty salons security.

What needs to be monitored and protected?

  1. Life and health of people (visitors and employees) from unauthorized entry, robbery, assault, hooliganism.
  2. The building of the salon.
  3. Entrance / exits.
  4. The property, including expensive equipment from theft and damage.
  5. Checkout area and cash. Please read the article on the most common theft methods and cheating at the checkout to get the most out of it.
  6. Visitors belongings, especially those that remain in changing rooms and wardrobes.

Accordingly, to ensure safety, cameras should be installed in the following areas:

  • entrances / exits;
  • warehouses;
  • reception and / or checkout area;
  • dressing rooms and storage areas for visitors’ belongings.

It is practically impossible to save on security without losing efficiency. Video monitoring with recording allows you to control the salon’s situation remotely, extracting fragments of the archive to resolve controversial issues.

Business control

Remote video surveillance allows you to have full control of the situation in the cabin, namely:

  1. Track the time of arrival / departure of personnel.
  2. Monitor work processes and compliance with salon regulations.
  3. Fix fraud and unrecorded services.
  4. Calculate the time for one client service.
  5. Count the number of visitors. Details in the article “Counting visitors through video surveillance“.
  6. Recognize persons from VIP and blacklist.
  7. Objectively evaluate events for personnel incentive wages and penalties.
  8. Check the cleanliness and order in the workplace.
  9. Control the dress code.
  10. To improve the quality of service.
  11. Optimize business processes.

Accordingly, a beauty salon camera should be installed in the service room, and analytical services such as Faceter must be connected to receive marketing data.

New clients attraction

How can video surveillance help you attract new customers and strengthen relationships with regular visitors? There are at least two apparent methods:

  1. Video broadcasts to the salon website and business pages on social media in real-time. This allows customers to approach the salon without leaving their home. They can learn about the salon’s advantages, its pricing policy, evaluate the service by looking at the employees’ work.
  2. Online broadcasts of masterclasses held in the salon. This is the internet marketing trend of 2021.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to place informational announcements in the salon that video surveillance is carried out there. At the same time, a hidden camera in a beauty shop is a direct violation of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

How to save money on video surveillance in salons?

As a specialist, I can recommend several ways to save money on a video monitoring system:

  1. Don’t ignore the engineering design process. Initially, additional funds will have to be budgeted, but they will pay off in the future with modernization and maintenance.
  2. Make a professional installation. Alterations are more expensive. How you can kill your surveillance system with an illiterate installation is written here.
  3. Install cloud systems. Thus, you will save on the purchase of additional equipment and service. Also, you will relieve yourself of the responsibility burden for data storage and possible penalties for improper storage or loss of information (criminal and administrative liability).

Video surveillance is completely free

Yes, this is true. Take advantage of the offer from Faceter:

  • find two working smartphones (1.3 MP camera, working screen, processor and charging socket, Internet access);
  • install the mobile application on both phones. It’s free. You can download it in Google Play or App Store, taking into account the operating system of the phone;
  • fix one phone in the place of observation and turn it on for charging. It will act as a camera;
  • the second phone is in your pocket. It will be your monitor.

The system is ready for use. Details are on the website


Sociologists proved long ago that video surveillance has a positive effect on human behaviour. Under the cameras, we behave more restrained and consciously, and in the workplace, we try to prove ourselves more disciplined. Don’t miss a single opportunity for your beauty business: install smart video surveillance.


Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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