Wired CCTV: highlights, advantages and disadvantages

Despite the popularity of cloud monitoring, wired video surveillance is still in demand today. Many people refuse to switch to new video surveillance systems, but this is a wrong decision. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the capabilities of wired monitoring. 

What is wired video surveillance? 

Video surveillance can work via:

  • Wi-Fi and hotspot, which means it can transmit information to a server over the Internet remotely;
  • wires. In this case, the local network video footage is transmitted to the recorder, and only then, if the system is remote, to the owner’s device. Video cameras can work over a coaxial cable, Ethernet technology, or optical fiber.

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Despite the convenience of remote video monitoring, wired systems have their pros and cons.

Advantages of the system

A wired CCTV camera offers the following advantages: 

  • stable performance.

Wireless devices often suffer from unstable Internet signals, which reduces the quality of the picture. The physical connection of the system protects against interference;

  • wired surveillance is more convenient to install on large objects.

Wi-Fi cameras require routers close to the devices, otherwise, the signal will be weak. As a result, several access points will be required, which increases the cost of video surveillance. 

Wired systems on large sites are easier to install, as the signal will not degrade over the distance. And if you don’t have enough wire length, you can lengthen your surveillance cable;

  • a great option for long-term monitoring. 

Wi-Fi systems are easy to scale and relocate. However, if this is not required and the user is confident that no changes to the video surveillance are planned, wired monitoring is a better option. 


Digital video surveillance quickly gained the trust of users because it eliminated the following disadvantages of wired devices from the system:

  • complicated installation. 

The wired concept consists of many elements that need to be properly connected to each other. Read more in the article: “Complete list of expenses for home video surveillance“;

  • the need for a stable connection to the network. 

If the power goes out, the security system will be unavailable. To keep video surveillance working in such situations, you need a backup power source, a solar panel, or a hybrid solution

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  • wiring vulnerability. 

To disable the security system, an intruder only needs to cut the necessary cables, and the video surveillance will shut down. 

  • Influence of weather conditions. 

Prolonged exposure to moisture, heat, and cold can adversely affect the operation of wires. However, it is possible to protect yourself, for example, by installing lightning protection or thermo housings

Because of these unpredictable disadvantages, the cost of maintaining the system increases several times. 


Why are some users still not ready to switch to IP surveillance? They are mostly stopped by myths that the cloud is insecure, difficult to use, expensive to maintain, and has low bandwidth.

Faceter mobile cloud video surveillance overcomes all these misconceptions. It has: 

This set of features ensures 100% security and safety of video data, inexpensive use, and high throughput. 


You can buy a wired surveillance camera at any electronic goods store. Modern models give the user the quality of shooting and the reliability of the system. However, when buying, you need to consider the disadvantages that were listed in the article. This will allow you to avoid problems and be prepared for relevant difficulties. If you are not ready to spend on wired cameras, look at the cloud service Faceter, working through remote access and Wi-Fi. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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