Camcorder in the lavatory. Violation of 3 laws and civil rights

Workplace video surveillance often raises a lot of doubts and questions among employees. Can the owner install cameras? When is it possible? And is a video camera in a lavatory a severe violation of human rights? We will analyze these and other questions in our article.

Video monitoring at work

An employer is not prohibited by law to supervise the work of their staff. An employer can control work mail, count work time, track the time of arrival and departure from the place, and provide access control.

With the advancement of technology, the control of employees has shifted to video surveillance.

Reasons for placing video cameras

Cameras can be mounted in the following cases:

  • protection of company property (shops, banks, shopping centers);
  • control of the work process and quality of service;
  • an object where increased security is required (schools, hospitals, prisons, state and government bodies);
  • facilities to ensure the safety of employees (manufacturing enterprises).


When setting up monitoring, it is essential to consider the rules. For example, you cannot install cameras without a notice sign “Attention! Video surveillance is in progress ”. It is also important to consider the right to privacy of employees.

For example, you cannot install video monitoring:

  • in the format of spyware monitoring. A hidden video surveillance camera is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. A large fine or imprisonment can be made up for its purchase, use, manufacture, or sale.
  • without the staff’s consent.

Camcorder in lavatories, changing rooms, fitting rooms of the shopping center

These are the facilities where it is strictly forbidden to install video surveillance. If an employer has installed a video camera in a women’s/ men’s restroom or in a locker room, this is a direct violation of privacy rights.

This is indicated by:

  • Art. 23 and part 1 of Art. 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • the law “On personal data.”

But if a hidden video camera is installed in the lavatory, it is a criminal offense. Read more in the article: “Wireless micro surveillance camera“.

If you find any hidden equipment, read the article here.


It can be concluded that video surveillance in the workplace is not prohibited if the consent of all employees has been obtained. The only thing to consider is that it is forbidden to mount cameras in lavatories, changing and dressing rooms, especially in a covert surveillance format.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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